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In-depth Feature:  Sonic Lab: Digidesign Music Production Toolkit
Does this new bundle really up the ante, or give us a bunch of stuff we dont really need?
Shorn Rah writes: .

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Digidesign Music Production Toolkit
Review time again, this time our raving (you read it right) reporter Shorn Rah is looking at the new Digidesign Music Production Tool Kit for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered. This bundle of professional music tools was previewed at MESSE 06 (check our video item from the show) and is now shipping.

Here's what you get
The bundle features Digidesign Hybrid high-definition synthesizer.
TL Space Native Edition convolution reverb.
Vintage style compressor/limiter : Smack! LE.
Sound Replacer drum replacement tool.
DINR LE intelligent noise reduction.

Also, previously only available on TDM and HD systems: Multi-track Beat Detective rhythm analysis and correction tool. It is also an upgrade to Pro Tools 7.1 (You will have to upgrade to Pro Tools 7 first, if you haven't done so.) which brings you 48 mono or stereo tracks at up to 96 kHz. If your interface records that high. Oh, and there's a MP3 export option for those of you into that kind of thing !

For a limited period of time, (they don't say how long..) It ships with Xpand! sample-playback/synthesis workstation. So, that's what it is ... but is it any good ?? We took a trip down to Studio Paranormal to get the low down from Shorn.

I wonder what his hairs doing today ??

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