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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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guacamol a part-time user from France writes:
Well I agree with most that s been said upon:very good for acid bass, screaming leads, bubbles and stream etc. It's only capable of sawtooth and square waves, with lots of harmonics, dont expect it to do clean and quite sounds. Knobs are crappy, too light but efficient. The stinking point is that bug: it retriggers the sound only when you play a higher key, not a lower! frustrating when you play with a keyboard

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-10-2004 at 09:01
yes every analog synth has its uniqueness,but they're also different from good or not so good.for $375 to even GBP500(!!?),i don't think it worths,just get a mfb synth or lite from germany,both can blow the protone away easily,thats what i mean good and not so good quality.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-04-2004 at 02:44
LoHr from usa writes:
I bought this from a guy in Holland recently. I expected it to be a rather boring sounding limited synth for very basic analog sounds. well i was VERY surprized after playing with it for a little while!! this thing, while being very limited and boring/thin sounding for basic analog tones, it's capable of some of the coolest lo-fi fizzy buzzy screechy weirdness!! it's sound KINDA reminded me of my SidStation. that gritty dirty lo-fi sound. i wasd VERY surprized by this because it's not a lo-bit digital synth, its pure analog!

this thing is just awesome for nasty gritty fuzzy lo-fi sounds. dont expect any nice clean analog tones or even fat tones, because as a 303 clone or as any common analog sound it pretty much sux. but as an alternative to that lo-fi noisy digital sound ala SidStation and Droid-3 but in a pure ANALOG path, it's great!!

im a huge Spectral Audio fan. i have the Syntrack, Neptune, and now this ProTone. their all really amazing sounding synths, way beyond many others, the only problem i see with with their gear is the lack of supposed "needed" functions. but IMO the sound these synths create more than makes up for the lack of memories and midi messages !!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-03-2004 at 21:26
N a hobbyist user from Finland writes:
I currently own 6 synths and enjoy making my own patches.

That said, I'm very glad I got rid of this horrible, horrible machine. It's seriously the most uninspiring piece of gear I've ever used, and I've used lots. There is nothing analog about the sound at all. The filters are weak as hell, don't expect this thing to scream even if you patch it through 3 different distortion/OD pedals. The best you'll get is "a kind of sizzling sound". Anyone who thinks this thing sounds 'fat' or 'analog' obviously either doesn't know what the terms mean, or is just experiencing a placebo effect caused by the fact that it uses true analog components. Newsflash: my electric toothbrush uses analog components, it means jack shit.

I initially thought of keeping it around for the curiosity value, since it's so rare, but just had to get rid of it because its all around crappiness pissed me off even when it was turned off.

Unless you're a collector and are getting this just because it's so rare, don't get it. The least you should do is HEAR it before buying. I'm serious, I bought it based on positive reviews I read on the internet and the fact that it initially retailed at 500 pounds, which led me to believe it should at least sound somewhat good.

Also, the build quality is flimsy at best. The knobs feel like they might come off if you happen to think unhappy thoughts near them.

If you think I'm just a troll who doesn't know how to use it or something, ask yourself why only 500 were ever made. That's right, because no sane person wants to buy this for the sounds.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-30-2003 at 04:37
Jesper a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
I just picked up a red ProTone on Ebay. Less than $200 and also one of the last. They're not made anymore and that's sad 'cause it's a great piece of synth. Metallic, weird and bubbling - it's best sides. But it's good at other things too and looks good in the rack!

There are 450 ProTones out there - get one! =)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-14-2002 at 11:29
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