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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Derwin Johnson a professional user from San Diego, Calif. writes:
Here we go into 2012! I just purchased a Roland xv-88 and I am still amazed at the preset sounds that this remarkable synth puts out! Can anybody tell me what was the going price of this machine when it came out in 2000? Who are the famous groups that have used this synthesizer?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-04-2011 at 17:29
Matt a professional user from UK writes:
I bought the XV-88 in January 2001, along with an srx concert piano expansion board. Being a classical pianist I put the "beast" through it's paces. Amongst the library of piano sounds, concert grand patch is my favourite. When I first heard it, I thought it was superb. Now I've tweaked the sound, it's even better. Roland show much sympathy for pianists: a lot of attention has gone into detail (particularly touch/key velocity). If I have a criticism/suggestion/ question - it is this: There is a "flat spot" around the middle dynamic range - a leap from mf to f, no matter how carefully I gauge the tone. Maybe this is down to a combination of the TMT and the velocity envelope settings, which I haven't quite mastered yet. But can this synth belt out double, triple, even quadruple fortes!! In all, I have yet to find a synth that can match the XV-88 for sound quality. (So many comments from people who say "It sounds like a real paino", and that's when using only a modest speaker system). Interesting to know how "the beast" compares with later Roland synths in terms of piano synthesis.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-22-2008 at 19:23
Pedro Castañeda a part-time user from Monterrey, Mexico writes:
Tengo apeneas 3 meses con mi XV-88 y es como un sueño el tenerlo y el estar esuchandolo, soy musico semiprofesional desde hace 15 años en una iglesia cristiana, y para mi es ideal,los sonidos son fantasticos,los pianos, pianos electricos, cuerdas,vientos, quizas le faltan algo a los sonidos de organos, pero en general esta super, ademas con las 4 ranuras para expansiones (2 SR-JV80 y 2 SRX)considero que es ideal para las aplicaciones que realizo.Ademas de todo el potencial que por si solo ofrece,el hecho de haberle agregado la expansion SR-JV80-98 "Experience II" y la SRX concert piano, para mi es fantastico.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-05-2007 at 19:00
George a professional user from Newport News,Va writes:
All I can say is WOW!. I just upgraded my XP80 to the hammer weighted XV88. First things first, the XV88 doesn't have an on board sequencer like the XP80 but that's why I kept my XP50(w/Bass & Drums Exp Board). I can't really comment on all of its features because I haven't been that in depth yet! However, the sounds and capabilities of the XV88 is Motif-like breathtaking! Just flat out awesome. My cousin has the 88 key Korg Triton Extreme that I used during our church services. The XV88 IMHO blows it away as far as right out of the box sounds. I never truly was a big fan of Korg's pianos anyways but the overall "Bread and Butter" sounds much more pleasing on the XV88 (Except the organ, and some lead patches, Korg nailed those patches.) I actually had the chance to ABC my choices at a music store recently. It was close between the Motif ES8, Yamaha S90 ES, Fantom X8, and the used XV88. I must admit that the price weighed heavily on my decision as well. I thought the Fantom X8 sounded very identical but I felt had more character and bang for the buck. While the Yamahas had more features and great sounds of their own, those prices were just so intimidating. The XV88 was just to sweet for it too be $1300 cheaper than the next cheapest keyboard. I decided on the XV88 and have not looked back or regretted it. I've owned at least 10 pro level synths/workstation over the last 4 yrs and I have never heard synth with clearness and clarity as the XV88. Try the 128 Voice Piano, Fat Rhodes, Retro Rhodes, XV Strings and etc. Just get try the XV88 for yourself and you will see why it's so beloved. There's nothing out here like it. Don't mess with the RS series expecting true XV synth sounds. They are nothing but cheap, malnutritioned versions of the XV engines. My only gripe is that it's so freaking heavy. Simply put:

XV88- Fantom S88 w/o onboard seq & sampler) S90- Motif w/o onboard seq & sampler).

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-26-2006 at 02:58
Jaime Acuña a professional user from Chile writes:
I purchased my XV-88 in March 2002. This keyboard is a beast, great quality! solid construction (heavy too, but hey, I don't mind at all with all its features), excelent sound, great polyphony (128 voices) and fantastic expandable capability.

I've compared it with Fantom S-88, and of course, there are differences (no sequencer or sampler) but still I think the XV-88 sounds better. It has better AD/DA converters and better polyphony (128 versus 64 in Fantom S-88 which is to narrow for professional creation).

If your not starting and already have a home studio I sugest you a XV not a Fantom.

I can´t think of any synth that sounds better than the XV-88 overall.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-16-2003 at 07:10
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