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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Analogue Crazy a professional user writes:
This is one of the best VCO Polysynths ever made. I have played a Prophet-5 and a CS-80 and the Jupiter-4 is up there with them. It may not be as complicated (only 1 VCO per voice) but it has a totally amazing Arpeggiator and features 2 very powerful Unison modes along with its 2 Poly modes. Don't let the single VCO misslead you, the Jupiter-4 is still a fat sounding monster - even in Poly mode.The filter is by far the best filter i have heard on any Roland synth. The filter resonance is very raw sounding and is similar to the System 100. Very smooth sounding filter but also very raw. The envelopes are another strong point. They are a lot snappier than on the JP-8 and JP-6 and Bass sounds in particular are brilliant due to the envelopes. The LFO is one of the best ever. It can be really slow and then can go into the audio range which pumps out modular like distortions. So even though there is just 1 VCO per voice, you have amazing envelopes and filters and LFO to cover up this limitation. Of course there is no sync but who cares! This thing would be the most powerful synth in the world if sync was included.

Overall, its a wonderful early Polysynth that is full of character and has some unique tricks up its sleeve. Forget about the unsable tuning and just buy one. I guarentee you will have it forever!! Nothing sounds like it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-22-2007 at 08:42
Rexomatic a professional user from UK london writes:
JP4 - one of the most crazy synths, fastest LFO's I've ever encountered that can bend any sound into total distortion, clean and crisp to deep dirty, arpeggios that can trance you out...

Anyone who doesnt like these hasnt worked out howto use them properly...history in art

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-May-14-2007 at 11:09
Ivan a part-time user from Australia writes:
Well i've had my Jupiter 4 for about 9 years now and i've gigged many times (good for your arms) and it and it doesn't stop. It just seems to blow things away for certain sounds, mainly pads and leads, I like using the superfast LFO on self oscillation set the envelopes to SMILE press hold and send a very occasional click to the arpeggiator lots of reverb and you got some space! Yeah it does do kick drums 808 or 909 style with devastating low end. I heard a rumour someone hit a brown note with this one at Micheal Jackson concert once. I find it best to let it warm up for a while before playing. There's a trick with the arpeggiator that you can press several of the arpeggio, voice assignment buttons on the front simultaneously then send clicks to it, it will repeat the note or chord you have pressed down, good for jeff mills minimal techno things! I wish it had two oscillators and sync/mod options like say on a JP6 or 8, though how good would that be??

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-16-2006 at 01:05
neven dayvid a professional user from berlin writes:
many people perceive this synth to be "bland". however this - subjectively perceived - quality also means they sit well in the mix and are not overbearing but useful, and even humble at times ( a good thing!). i have owned and used a jupiter 4 for nearly 10 years, and a jp 6 for five years, until i recently got a jp 8 - finally, for a realistic not inflated price. all i can say, if you don´t like what you get on the jp 4, stop lusting after the jp 8 right here and now! they have a basic similarity in sound, yes, even the filter, much more so than the jp 8 which has many more routing options and a more modern, sleeker sound (trying to avoid the word "thin" here) - if the jp 4 and 8 were moogs, the 6 would be an ARP, and that´s a compilment.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-13-2006 at 07:33
mat roberts a professional user from bedford uk writes:
cant belive ive only just got one this is a verey useabul synth i have 2 say the bass preset with the arrpigtor on sounds verey early synth bands... im glad i have a j4 cant wait 2 put it on a song/track thanks mat

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-08-2004 at 04:49
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