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 Ad Lib, Inc. Visual Composer 1.5
 Cakewalk Metro 5
 Cakewalk Cakewalk SONAR (All Version) v1.3.1
 Cakewalk HomeStudio 8 8.04, i think
 Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 XL
 Cakewalk SONAR XL 1.1
 Cakewalk SONAR 3.0 SONAR 4.0
 Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 9.03
 Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 8.04
 Cakewalk Project 5 V2
 Digital Sound Planet Quartz AudioMaster 4.6
 Digital Sound Planet Quartz AudioMaster Pro 4.6
 DINSYNC Analog sequencer ASEQ-1
 Emagic Logic Audio (all flavours) 4.0
 Emagic Logic Platinum 6 6.0
 Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 3.62
 Emagic Logic Audio Silver
 Glasus MusicPhrase 1.02
 IL FL Studio 4.12
 image - line fruity loops producer editon see the site for demo
 Invision Cycbersound
 Jos Maas One Man Band version 3.1 3.1
 Kawai Q 80 exe
 Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer 2.5 2.6
 Master Zap Little drummer Boy .89b
 MotU Freestyle
 MOTU DigitalPerformer
 MotU Performer 6.02
 Muzys Intuitive Music System 2.11
 Opcode Softstudio bundle
 Opcode Music Shop 2
 Opcode Studio Vision Pro 4
 Opcode Vision 3.5
 Passport trax
 Perceptive Solutions Making Waves 1.83b
 PG Music Powertracks Pro Audio 5.0c
 Renoise 1.5 1.5
 Renoise v1.281 1.281
 Smart Monkey Software Smart Monkey MIDI 1.6
 Steinberg Cubase VST Score 3.6
 Steinberg Cubase 2.01
 Steinberg vst32
 Steinberg Cubasis
 Steinberg CubaseVST24 3.65 for PC, 4.0 for Mac
 Steinberg Cubase VST 4.0
 Steinberg Cubase Score 2.0 for mac
 Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro 5.1
 Yannick Delwiche MadTracker 2.5 2.5