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arrowReleased:  arrowVersion: 4.12
arrowRated: 6.3/10arrow User reviews: (10)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win NT, Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrow Plugin formats: VST. DirectX. Audio Units. RTAS
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Stan Vassilev writes:
Incredibly flexible virtual studio + sequencer. Includes step sequencer, advanced piano roll, automation recording + autoamtion editor, unique internal controllers.

The mixer has 64 insert tracks thsat can be routed to eachother for creation of complex mixing chains. Also has one master track and 4 send tracks.

Supports ASIO input recording, output, DSound output.

Supports VST/DX instruments and FX and also can run as a VSTi/DXi itself in another host! So it can also be used as a DXi<->VSTi adapter if needed.

Quite high quality sound, up to 96kHz and 32bit floating point sound.

Includes a wide arrange of synths and effects - scratchers, granular synths, subsynths, even image synths (make sound based on an image), basslines, guitar synths, grand piano simulators and more... Effects include Ultrafunk's Reverb, Compressor, has param. EQ, limiter, distortion unit, stereo enhancers etc.

Now also contains a free copy of the Slayer VSTi plugin, revamped as a FL Studio native plugin (better interface and less resources used!)

Good Points
Many ways to sequence. Unique automation features. Mixer is quite featured. Included synths and effects and very HQ. Supports ASIO (+input recording!) & DX. Almost no bugs and very good tech support. .. and many more.
Bad Points
I miss a score view from Cakewalk's products.

 IL FL Studio Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: 64
Maximum Resolution:96k@32bits (floating point)
parametric EQ on each track + 7 band EQ and param. EQ plugins included
Integrated compress
Filetypes supported:
Hardware supported:
A set of native plugins, 3 reg levels with different features

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