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In-depth Feature:  Apple Garageband
Mike Beaudet writes: .

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The Track Editor functions differently whether you're selected a Real or Software Instrument track. On Software instrument tracks you're shown a window split into three sections; Region, Advanced, and an editor. With the Region portion of the window you can name the part or phrase, change the zoom level of the editor by way of a slider, or quantize the notes based upon the current settings in the track ruler. When it comes to quantizing you’re pretty much limited to regular times, triplets, and settings known as 1/8 and 1/16 Swing Light or Swing Heavy. There aren't any groove quantization functions, nor user definable quantize settings.

MIDI Editor

Immediately to the right of Region is the advanced section of the window which despite its name, isn't all that advanced. It’s only purpose being to allow you to change the view and/or note data in the editor. You can opt to display either notes in piano-roll style editor or controller information for modulation, pitch bend or sustain. One drawback here is that you can only view one item at a time. Also, in this section you can transpose selected notes, plus if you select a note within the roll editor, view and modify its velocity.

One thing that is irksome in the part editor is the lack of a toolbar. While one was not necessary in the arranger because of the well thought out design, the editor relies exclusively on the use of the keyboard, namely the command (Apple) key to place notes or controller anchors. Removing items requires the use of the delete key. A simple toolbar with a pencil, line, curve, and eraser tool would have made the editor much more useful. The editor also lacks a step sequence function that seems odd considering their target market of people new to sequencing.

Audio Track Editor

Similar to the Part Editor for Software Instruments, Real Instruments also have the window split into the same three sections. Options here are a bit sparse; you can only change the name of the part or zoom settings in Region. Advanced provides the ability to transpose audio loops, but doesn’t extend this function to recorded audio and it is hit and miss on user added loops. The big value provided by the editor on Real instruments is the ability to zoom into a part in detail in order to split portions of the sample.

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