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In-depth Feature:  Cakewalk Project5 V2
Simon Power writes: .

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CYCLONE Dxi - Groove Sampler
With the Cyclone you are able to record loop-based compositions in real time and your loaded samples will match the pitch and tempo of your project. The Cyclone makes it easy to tweak, combine and slice your samples to make new beats and grooves. The Cyclone features 16 virtual pads which can be used to trigger individual slices of loops or multiple loops. You can alter the values of each slice with the Slice

nPULSE - Analogue Modular Drum Synth

This allows you to emulate all the usual line-up of classic drum boxes. It's a 12 voice, multi timbral synth with multiple presets and full parameter automation.

DS864 - Multiformat Digital Sampler

This is a multitimbral, multi-output sampler capable of receiving MIDI on up to 16 channels. Each MIDI channel can in turn be assigned to 1 of 8 stereo outputs for effects processing, parameter automation, key mapping and velocity zones. It supports Akai S5000/6000, Kurzweil, Sound Fonts 2, WAV, AIF and proprietary sample formats.

There will be hardcore Version one-ers out there who were using Project 5 when John Kerry was on every TV channel. And right now they'll probably be saying, "all this stuff was available on Version 1. What's so whoopee-doo about version 2?"

OK, well, I was getting to that.

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