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In-depth Feature:  Future Retro 777
Albert Potts writes: .

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The filter section of the FR-777 is another I had a lot fun playing with. In particular, the Slope switch is able to dramatically alter the sounds coming from the unit. This switch selects the roll off of the lowpass filter, from 3 pole (18db) or 7 pole (42db). According to the manual, the high frequency will be reduced by 18 or 42 db per octave above the cut-off frequency. The 7 pole slope does some pretty drastic damage.

The Gain knob adjusts the pre-filter gain stage, used to overdrive the input of the filter. To the immediate right of the Slope switch is the cut-off knob, which controls the point at which the high frequencies will be reduced. I wish the manual was a bit more specific as to what the actual frequency range of this control is. Since this is a hands-on analog device, experimentation is no doubt the usual and best way to get sounds, but I still would prefer a little more specifics.

Next up are the Resonance and Max Resonance knobs. The Resonance knob increases the frequencies closest to the cut-off point set by the Cut-off knob. The Max Resonance knob is used when the Resonance control is set to full on. Using the Max Resonance, the user can get the filter to self-oscillate by turning it full on as well. The Accent knob controls the amount of effect accent has on the filter cut-off frequency, an accent allowing the filter cut-off frequency to sweep up to allow higher frequencies to pass. Finally, to the right of the Accent control is the High Pass knob, which allows control over low frequency sounds. Again, I'd like to know exactly what frequencies are involved, but grabbing and twisting the knob is a faster and better approach in this case. That's the fun of true analog.

Overall a nice selection of features in the Filter section, giving plenty of creative freedom as far as shaping sounds.

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    Vidar Johansen    Said...

    OK. AWESOME! Kind of limited in one way, but if you learn to use it right it´s one of the most exciting monosynths you can come across. There are wild smoothness in the filter/modulation section and it has a few functions which I have never seen in any other analogue synth, maybe best comparable to mks-80/jupiter´s X-MOD. Its solid stuff, and you get even more surprised when you discover the "hidden" soundshaping possibilities it has. I can tell ya, I had a bass-loop going and suddenly i found the spots and got THAT INSANELY FAT groove and by twisting the cutoff knob up and down in sync with the loop, the coolest bassdrum (accent) came out of it. Lovely!

    16-Feb-08 10:28 PM

    ali    Said...

    i need lvl up 50

    03-Aug-08 02:04 PM

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