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In-depth Feature:  Cakewalk Project5 V2
Simon Power writes: .

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First Impressions
Project 5 V2 installs from a single DVD (although you can request it on CD for a few extra bucks) and minutes after eagerly tearing apart the box you will be ready to write your first choon. The 'fast track guide' (the word 'manual' just ain't rock 'n' roll no more) has a set of 17 tutorials that include Playing a Project, Using Audio Loops and Adding instruments to Tracks. There's a section on new features and a guide to instruments and effects. The booklet also cross-references the help available on-line through the Cakewalk Software site. The tutorials could be more in-depth and it's lacking a decent glossary, which would be useful, as Cakewalk have re-christened just about everything that can be named. (Hey, put some more Exaggerator on that Groove-arama-thon-ator). But I've seen worse and it's certainly enough to get you started.

Once installed, the environment is essentially very intuitive and it's easy to navigate around and see what V2 has to offer. And, oh boy, there sure is a lot on offer.

P-SEQ Pattern Sequencer
Let's start with the sequencer. P-SEQ is a pattern sequencer offering Step and realtime recording in a piano roll stylee. Click on a pattern and the synth and related parameters appear in front of your eyes. The 'pattern bin' allows you to audition or browse through and Organise multiple patterns. You can drag the patterns into the pattern editor for additional editing. When fully edited you can send your pattern to the track where you can cut and paste it wherever you like

SYNCRON32 - Analogue Style Step Sequencer
This provides 32 steps with control over pitch, tempo sync, rhythmic duration with shuffle, per-step flam, legato and bends. You can use it to generate patterns, trigger synths and trigger patterns from midi devices. Again, like the P-SEQ, you can cut and paste these patterns into the track.

VELOCITY - Drum Sampler

This little monster allows you to build all sorts of drumkits that then become instantly accessible for use on your tracks. It supports all the regular sample formats and there are 18 polyphonic voices available with up to 32 velocity-layered samples. You can reverse, filter or decimate. There are 5 stereo outs and full automation and a CD's worth of drumkits to get you going.

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