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In-depth Feature:  Arturia Moog Model V
Bruno writes: .

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The Basics of the Minimoog V are the same as its hardware counterpart. Three VCOs make up the sonic heart of this synth, each has a 6 octave range and feature 6 different wave shapes; the first two generate a triangle, an asymmetric triangle, a descending sawtooth, a square, asymmetric square and impulse. The third oscillator, which can be used as an LFO to modulate either the oscillators or filter frequency, replaces the asymmetric triangle with an ascending sawtooth.

There is a sync facility to sync oscillator 2 to oscillator 1, and both oscillators 2 and 3 have controls for positive or negative detune, enabling more complex harmonics to be created.

The Mixer section has control for mute and balance of the 3 oscillators and also features a Noise generator and an External audio input. White or Pink noise can be created; this is great for adding front to percussive sounds, or more energy to basses when filtered down. The External audio input allows you to use the filter and envelope sections to process other sounds; there is an overload feature as on the original Minimoog, and although processor intensive has a nice overdrive that is great for loops or vocals.

The Filter is a 24db/Octave Lowpass and has control for cutoff frequency, emphasis (resonance) and amount of contour (envelope amount). The Filter envelope features attack, decay and sustain, there is no release control and the decay can be turned off using a switch on the far left of the keyboard.

The VCA has control over attack, decay and sustain and there is an overall volume control.

The Output section has the original switch for a 440Hz tuning tone, although I would be surprised if these oscillators drift, and then the most important of the new additions. The original Minimoog was monophonic, sensibly Arturia have given the Minimoog V polyphonic capabilities. You can select between 2 and upto 32 voice polyphony, the voice detune control will offset each voice slightly allowing for richer and thicker sounds.

As with the original, control is given for Glide, or Portamento amount and there is an additional control to balance oscillator 3 and the noise generator when these are used as an LFO.

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