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In-depth Feature:  Groovetubes DITTO Box
Albert Potts writes: .

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What Kind Of Box?
DITTO stands for "Direct Interface, Tube Transformer Output". The DITTO is a single channel unit that works as a tube DI and/or a tube preamp with +30 dB gain. Groove Tubes claims a dynamic range of 118 dB, bandwidth of 6 Hz to 200KHz at unity, an A Weighted noise spec of EIN -90, and total harmonic distortion of .013%. The front panel sports a 1/4" input, along with a 1/4" loop output at unity, and a balanced transformer XLR output. The loop output is a direct feed off the input, and does not run through either of the tubes. The XLR output is on a custom wound Nickel core transformer. There is also a volume knob on the front of the unit, allowing for the 30 dB of gain. The tubes used in the DITTO are a GT12AX7 followed by a GT12AU7. Finally, Groove Tubes has included a ground lift switch on the front, as well as a blue power indicator light. I don't know why, but blue lights on gear look cool! The power switch is on the rear of the unit along with the extra fuse holder and standard three prong power connector, no wall warts here! The power supply is internally configurable between 100, 110, and 230 volts.

Looking Inside
When taking the top off the DITTO you'll notice that fully half of the insides are taken up by the rather beefy looking power supply. A metal plate separates the power supply in the rear from the audio circuitry and tubes in the front. Also worth noting is that the DITTO is solidly built, it looks and feels like it could take a beating and keep on going just fine. However, since I'm writing this review based on the DITTO's that I purchased myself, I'm not going to attempt the "throw it against the wall test" or the "eight foot drop" test! Just take my word for it these things are built like a brick.

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