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In-depth Feature:  Tools of the Studio Trade
Albert Potts writes: .

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5. Small Flashlight. Any brand will do, but I usually see the techies with belt-mounted Mini MagLites by Mag Instruments. That's what I have and I use it practically every day. I'd also suggest having two of them: one for your studio and one for live gigs. My gig bag is permanently packed with all my gigging needs: cables, power cables, pedals, stand light, etc., including the second flashlight. That way I never have to worry about forgetting the flashlight (or waste time packing for every gig).

6. Great headphones. The important word is "great". Besides checking mixes, headphones are very helpful in adjusting gain structure and also troubleshooting various signal path problems. Headphones are very much a matter of personal taste and are another hotly debated topic along with monitors, mics, preamps, and A/D converters! There are many fine ones to choose from. I use two: the Sony MDR-7506 and the Audio-Technica HM-40fs. Headphone preferences are quite varied between people, so I would highly suggest finding a listening station at your local music store and compare for yourself.

I also take a pair of headphones with me on all my gigs. I don't take my best studio headphones, but instead have a cheaper pair that are permanently packed in my gig bag. Having headphones at the gig has saved me many times when I need to troubleshoot something or reprogram a patch at the last minute, without having to listen through the house system.

7. Audio level meter. Check sound pressure levels, mostly to make sure you aren't permanently damaging your ears! I've also brought my sound level meter to gigs, which has also proven vital in preserving my hearing. As a matter of fact, the sound level meter usually ends up getting passed around the band, with the result that everyone is frequently shocked at how loud things are. On several occasions this has prompted a change for the better as far as monitor sound levels.

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