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In-depth Feature:  TC Electronic TC Thirty
A meticulously modeled Vox AC30 plug-in for use with Powercore
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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There are plenty of amp and speaker simulation plug-ins around these days most of which seem to be aiming to to be all things to all men - no bad thing if you want the widest possible palette of amp tones residing on your hard drive. It may be seen as a brave move then or perhaps slightly foolhardy for anyone to produce a plug-in that models one specific amp and just one channel of that amp at that! When that amp is the mighty Vox AC30, though, and you consider that all the programming power is concentrated on making the emulation as accurate as possible then it all begins to make sense.

What we have here is the TC Thirty (must have taken them ages to come up with that one...) a new plug-in from TC Electronic for their Powercore platform. For those unfamiliar with Powercore, and there will be plenty of guitarists who've never heard of it, it is extra DSP that can be added to your computer to run a set of native TC and third party plug-ins. Powercore is available as a PCI card or as a rackmount Firewire connected unit.

The TC Thirty is a labour of love by programmer Stefan Moeller, a massive Queen fan who has set out to create Brian May's amp sound in software. Now as most amp tone freaks will know, that sound is created by goosing the front end of the AC30 with a treble boost and that is also recreated here with a possible 12 variations to keep the options open.

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