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In-depth Feature:  BX5a Deluxe Active Monitors
M-Audio BX5a Deluxe - Worthy Successors?
These near fields will go far.
Nick B writes: .

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The original BX5a speakers were mighty popular, the diminutive, portable, do-it-anywhere monitors were the perfect companion for the laptop musician or space-challenged studio. The latest in the range, the BX5a Deluxe boast a new waveguide (fancy talk for re-molded front panel), tighter bass and excellent imaging.

Now lets see about that......

Actually, I was quite pleasantly surprised by these little speakers, plenty of power , good range (for their size) and a listenable top end, due to the silk dome tweeter no doubt. Imaging was good too and the overall performance impressive.

The only gripes I had were that there were no parameters to tweak such as HF or LF level, or bass rolloff which you might want if you were going to pair this up with a sub unit. I also don't like the power on the back, but I can appreciate the clean lines would be spoiled by a switch on the front.

All in all, the BX5a Deluxes represent excellent value for money, and deliver a sound worthy of a larger speaker.

Specs: 70watt, active, bi-amped speakers, 56Hz-22kHz range, 1 inch silk dome tweeter, 5 inch Kevlar bass driver, TRS and XLR inputs + volume control and power on rear.

Available now.

$399/£199 a pair RRP, seen for as little as:

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    Scott    Said...

    I liked your round-up of the competition in the same price bracket at the end of the review. I am fascinated to watch everyone happy to gulp down products in this category, but choke at what I am about to suggest. I have made some careful comparison of speakers around this price and if you have a power amplifier (many people do) checking out some of the passive bookshelf speakers in a similar price range can give you better results. For example the B&W 686 or 685 (for just one example).

    08-Jan-09 04:38 AM

    Enthused in Maryland    Said...

    You were mentioning the HF or LF level parameters or bass rolloff that a user might need for pairing the BX5a Deluxe with a sub unit. Could you explain the disadvantages of not having the bass rolloff? Is there any real difference other than sound quality maybe?

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