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In-depth Feature:  Inside Synthesis 003 - Modular Basics
Introduction to Modular Synthesis
Getting to grips with the modules
William H writes: .

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    MP4 7:20 mins
The Basics
This week William H takes us through some basic modular synthesis concepts as an introduction to using modular synths. Modular synthesizers give you enormous flexibility as you can patch almost anything anywhere allowing you to use any selection of synthesis modules - usually hardwired in non-modular synthesizers.

In this episode, William is using a prototype Mattson Mini Modular synth to demonstrate control inputs such as keyboards, Gates, envelopes and splitting signals for controlling mulitple modules from the same control source.

Correction #1 - I refer to modulating the amplitude of an audio signal with another audio rate signal as Ring Modulation (RM). I should have said Amplitude Modulation (AM).

RM is certainly related to AM, but there's a distinct difference. RM is implemented in such a way that the carrier and modulator's frequencies are eliminated from the signal. You only hear the sums and difference frequencies of the carrier and modulator, but not the original carrier and modulator frequencies.

Correction #2 - Neither RM nor AM add harmonic frequencies. They add sidebands of inharmonic frequencies - hence the metallic and dissonant sound.

(Thanks to Javier and Peter on comments.)

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