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In-depth Feature:  Inside Synthesis
001:Your MS-2000 is a Drum Machine
Analog drums, bass and a lead line from two sounds..
William H writes: .

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    MP4 9:43 mins
Boom Chik
Welcome to the first in our new IPTV series - "Inside Synthesis". This first episode demonstrates how to achieve multiple timbres using a dual tone synthesizer. Drums (KSH) bassline and a lead, as demonstrated on the Korg MS2000.
Its worth noting that the techniques in this tutorial are applicable to many synthesizers. For example, the DSI Evolver, Yamaha AN1x, and Korg Radias are perfect substitutes.

We hope you enjoy the first in the series, please feel free to leave your comments below at any time and we will endeavor to answer them as best we can.

    Additional Notes on the MS-2000:
  • - When creating the drum section, you may want to transpose the pitch down for the drum program. -5 to -12 semitones will make the lowest notes in the scale a suitable kick. Timbre transpose is available on page 4A in the edit menu.
  • - You can use one mod sequence track to alter the decay length on the AMP envelope, allowing for open and closed hihats.
  • - Try panning the drums to the left channel, and the bass/lead part to the right. It will provide better headroom and post production options when recording.
  • - You may get a weird transient clip on the kick drum. You can fix this by slightly raising the attack section on the AMP envelope. The snare and hihat won't be audibly affected.
    Example Files: (sysex of MS2000 setups)
  • 808_kit.syx - This is a single timbre 808 kit, with kick, snare, and hihat, and a halfway decent clap in between the snare and hihat. If you quickly take you finger off the key, you get a longer release.
  • drum_bass_lead.syx - The lowest F on the keyboard will start the beat. For F# to the highest C, you have a smooth bass on the bottom and a more aggressive hard synced lead on the top.

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    Smurd    Said...

    mmmm, some sysex...nice!

    12-Dec-07 06:59 AM

    Butka    Said...

    Finally a clever use of the sketchy arpeggiator! If all can be done internally everything should be in time.

    12-Dec-07 10:30 AM

    Kris    Said...

    Best use of a MS2000 I have ever seen

    13-Dec-07 05:43 AM

    devotin    Said...

    Such a wonderful work you did making all of this tutorial, very very useful, thanks very much for the SYSex too, congratulations for the job!

    13-Dec-07 11:37 AM

    DigitalPerformer    Said...

    wooow.....very very nice job!

    now, want more!

    15-Dec-07 02:23 PM

    G-Architect    Said...

    Now Imagine what you could do with a triton or motif at full potential.

    16-Dec-07 01:44 AM


    Truly genius!!!!

    I'm in awe

    21-Dec-07 02:05 PM

    will    Said...

    Truly genius!!! I'm in awe

    Thanks for getting more buck out of the M2K

    21-Dec-07 02:06 PM

    Will    Said...

    Truly genius!!!

    Thanks for getting more buck out of the m2k

    21-Dec-07 02:06 PM


    It´s impressive what he does but it still seems a mindboggling job to get so much out of it.Capable yes, but still not very user friendly. Good luck though...

    22-Dec-07 09:15 AM

    MFT    Said...

    Proud to own a Korg MS2000!

    24-Dec-07 01:31 AM

    pipmyster    Said...

    awesome insight!!.... veh nice..... Would love to see more mayb with an A6 Andromeda :o)

    30-Dec-07 06:49 AM

    Vlasis    Said...

    A big thank you to sonic state...You blow as away and to all those who share their knowlege with us......Dont you ever stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31-Dec-07 05:28 AM

    Mubo    Said...

    yet another reason to love my ms2000 .. i have been experimenting with exactly this.. nice to see it done by a pro!

    cant wait for more... THIS is what being a synth player is all about!


    01-Jan-08 11:22 PM

    macaca    Said...

    such a noble man! he is giving tutorials for free...most other synth sound designers will charge a fee! where can i buy your DVD/download video dude? one with all the chapters in it!

    12-Jan-08 10:55 AM

    orod    Said...

    Nice stuff man! I didn't know the MS2K was even remotely capable of this kind of stuff!

    19-Jan-08 01:46 AM

    Fatale    Said...

    This is great, but now I wish I could do different drum patterns and fills. Is that what the "Record" but will do in the "Mod Sequencer"

    20-Jan-08 10:11 AM

    Ignacy Frederik    Said...

    I've tried replicating this on Native Instruments Massive, but unfortunatly in There is no way to limit keytracking of noise to a given interval, say from C1 to C5. This is possible for the filter however with the "KTR FLT" option. Crossmodulation, in other words FM (right?), thus phase modulation in Massive, has a very different sound to it. I'll try doing it in on a FM synth..

    31-Jan-08 12:39 PM

    i3    Said...


    22-Mar-08 01:06 AM

    K    Said...

    I must say William, having a 2k laying aropund here for two years, and then wanting to do something about it, sent me to your cite here.

    Not being able to go all the way into perfection like you have, at least not yet, I am here to report that I did come up with a lot of knowledge in one afternoon, and right now my studio is making some almost serious eclectro-jungle impersonatio-sequence.

    Thanks a bunch! You da man!!


    24-Mar-08 04:31 PM

    kev    Said...

    Can't seem to get that nice HH sound you got here. Only by changing the "filter type" to 12bph or 12hpf do the hats sound good, but then the lower tones of the kick and snare are lost. Also when I go to the "mod sequence" for the arp, it changes the tone of the lows considerably, losing the kick and snare again to thin sounds. You make it look so easy!

    24-Mar-08 11:33 PM

    kev    Said...

    Ok so I got pretty far!.

    But I still can't get those nice hats, can't seem to tweak them high enough.

    And I can't figure out how to adjust the individual hits volume in the 2nd mod sequence. I can see the procedure, and I have tried different ways, through adjusting noise, and pitch, but amp or volume doesn't seem to work at all. This would be a big boon to figure this out.

    26-Mar-08 09:26 AM

    Kev    Said...

    Ok I figured out my questions. The 2nd mod sequence amp parameters is in conjuction with the main amp knob. Just turn amp knob down, turn mains up.

    26-Mar-08 05:35 PM

    kev    Said...

    In the last instruction William says "Try useing the mod sequencer on the 2nd timbre as an arpegiator"

    But when I do that, first setting 'both' timbres to arpegiator, the notes above the split turn the timbre one arp off.

    28-Mar-08 08:53 PM

    Inside Synthesis    Said...

    kev - What I meant by "use the mod sequencer as an arpeggiator" is that you setup the mod sequencer to emulate one - you don't turn on the arpeggiator for the second timbre, otherwise it will mess it up.

    You emulate an arpeggiator by applying the mod sequencer to pitch, and then using the knobs to control an octave spread. It's not the same as an arpeggiator, but you can get a very similar effect.

    You can also use the MIDI sync'd LFOs to do it as well.

    01-Apr-08 03:31 AM

    kevin    Said...

    Thanks William. Got it.

    10-Apr-08 06:11 PM

    Jordan    Said...

    Heyy! Thnxx for the sysex!

    only problem is, that the 808kit sysex is missing, or there is a broken link?

    idk, but it wouldnt download, and i really want to hear what you came up with!

    Please replace the link?


    24-Mar-09 11:44 AM

    Jordan    Said...

    ok, after "downloading" the sysex files, they didnt work, they saved as sysex.txt, and they aren't working with sysex librarian.

    Am i doing Something wrong?

    24-Mar-09 10:13 PM

    Jordan    Said...

    Nevermind i fixed it, i had to save them as .syx files, and not append the txt on the file extension.


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