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In-depth Feature:  003
There is so much besides the hardware here
Shorn Rah writes: .

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Sorry this is a flash video which has been depreciated, we're working on bringing the archives back online.

   7:26 mins
Keep It In The Family
The new Digidesign 003 Factory is a FireWire-based, portable Pro Tools LE audio/MIDI workstation which provides hands-on control of Pro Tools through an integrated control surface. It includes over £1,400/€2,400 worth of professional-grade Digidesign and Bomb Factory plug-ins, plus Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro.

It vastly improves on the 002 as a control surface for ProTools LE as well as other 3rd party programs. The 003 comes with many new features; Word Clock, Jog and Shuttle transport, MIDI Maps, the ability to directly control automation.The built in audio interface also allows it to function as an 8 in 2 out stand-alone mixer. However, most importantly it features brand new pre-amps and AD/DA converters claiming a vastly improved sound quality to the 002 series.

Front and back - it's all there

But you also get a huge amount of bundled software and plug-ins to keep you busy.

Bundles of Software !!
The 003 Factory ships with Pro Tools LE 7.3 naturally..

Which features:

  • 32 simultaneous audio tracks (128 virtual audio tracks), expandable to 48 tracks (with Music Production Toolkit upgrade)
  • Fully integrated MIDI sequencing with 256 simultaneous MIDI tracks
  • Over 50 processing plug-ins, virtual instruments, and compatible applications
  • Support for streaming ReWire applications into Pro Tools
  • Unique Beat Detectiveâ„¢ LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
  • Support for the Digidesign Control|24â„¢ and Command|8® control surfaces
  • Huge selection of compatible third-party plug-ins and software options
  • Works on Windows XP and Mac OS X computers

    But that's not all the factory edition comes bundled with an arsenal of RTAS plug-ins:

      Factory Plug-ins
    • Digidesign Bomb Factory BF-3A Classic Compressor
    • Digidesign Cosmonaut Voice
    • Digidesign D-Fiâ„¢ bundle (Lo-Fiâ„¢, Sci-Fiâ„¢, Recti-Fiâ„¢, Vari-Fiâ„¢)
    • Digidesign JOEMEEK® SC2T Photo Optical Compressor
    • Digidesign JOEMEEK VC5T Meequalizer®
    • Digidesign® Maxim
    • Digidesign Moogerfooger® Analog Delay
    • Digidesign Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
    • Digidesign SansAmp PSA-1â„¢
    • Digidesign Tel-Ray® Variable Delay
    • Digidesign Voce® Spinâ„¢
    • Digidesign Voce Chorus/Vibrato
    • iLok USB Smart Key

    Oh did I mention ?? If you aren't bored already don't forget your Ignition Pack Pro !!

    • Which includes:
    • Applications: Ableton Live Lite 6 Digidesign Edition, Propellerhead Software Reason Adapted 3
    • Virtual Instruments: Arturia Analog Factory SE, Digidesign Xpand! by A.I.R. Digidesign Synchronic, FXpansion BFD Lite, Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600 Lite,
    • Effects & Processing Plug-ins: Celemony Melodyne essential, IK Multimedia AmpliTube LE, iZotope Ozone 3 Lite, iZotope Trash Lite, iZotope Spectron Lite, Trillium Lane Labs TL EveryPhase, Trillium Lane Labs TL Utilities.
    • Sound Libraries: M-Audio ProSessions SE, Big Fish Audio, Cycling ’74, Sonic Reality, Zero-G.
    • Artist Promotion Services:—one-year membership, contest entries,—one-year standard subscription
    • And..Pro Tools Method One instructional DVD, Pro Tools Method One instructional DVD.

      Hey I'm not through yet:
      DigiRack Plug-ins
      Bring your mixes alive with the DigiRackâ„¢ plug-in collection, which offers a wide variety of professional real-time and file-based effects, signal processors, and studio utilities. All Pro Tools LE systems include these 39 plug-ins.
    • 1-Band EQ
    • 4-Band EQ
    • Chorus
    • Click
    • Compressor
    • D-Verbâ„¢
    • D-Verb-AS
    • DC Offset Removal
    • DeEsser
    • Delay
    • DigiReWire
    • Dither
    • Duplicate
    • Dynamics II
    • Dynamics III
    • EQ II
    • EQ III
    • Expander-Gate
    • Extra-Long Delay
    • Flanger
    • Gain
    • Gate
    • Invert
    • Limiter
    • Long Delay
    • Medium Delay
    • Mod Delay II
    • Multi-Tap Delay
    • Normalize-Gain Change
    • Ping-Pong Delay
    • Pitch Shift
    • POWr Dither
    • Reverse-DC Removal
    • Signal Generator
    • Short Delay
    • Slap Delay
    • Time Comp-Exp-Pitch Shift
    • Time Shift
    • Trim

    Phew, and finally:

      There's some free Bomb Factory plug-ins too:

    • Bomb Factory BF76 Compressor
    • BF Essential Clip Remover
    • BF Essential Correlation Meter
    • BF Essential Meter Bridge
    • BF Essential Noise Meter
    • BF Essential Tuner
    • Funk Logic Mastererizer

    So, there you go, quite a package...but does it deliver the goods ?? Prices:
    GBP 1600
    EUR 2400
    USD 2200

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