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In-depth Feature:  Digidesign A.I.R. Velvet Stage Piano Plug-in
Digidesign Velvet Stage Piano Plugin
Does it go "silky, silky" or a little bit "clunky, clunky"?
Shorn Rah writes: .

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6:17 mins
Behind the Velvet Rope...

Another A.I.R designed RTAS virtual instrument; Velvet goes to whole hog to recreating the playing and listening experience of a classic stage piano.

It features two classic Fender Rhodes the MK 1 and MK 2, and one Wurlitzer - the A200. Painstaking attention has been paid to every characteristic of the instruments. Such as the machanical noise that the key makes when hit, the pick up level and the condition of the machine.

It naturally comes with a tremolo, along side control over the velocity curve, it's response and even timbre control. You can drive it from silky to grunge with the tube drive control, apply compression and tweek the EQ.

Best of all A.I.R have gone to town emulating classic effects like Wah, Distortion, Modulation, Control over the speakers and Delay featuring classic tape delay.

It's rammed with oodles of presets for you to use, and control is easy using simple learn and assign of the parameters.

Armed with only a 25 key control keyboard Shorn Rah feels Velvet.

249 USD
179 GBP
195 EUR

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    john    Said...

    i love shorns wicky wicky style. please do another one. it keeps you entertained whilst learning about the product at the same time.

    19-Feb-07 06:16 PM

    Benedict Johnson    Said...

    What's the best software alternative to a Nord Electro 2, that doesn't rely on ProTools?

    (Exciting incidental: my human-filter code is 'rriff'!)

    19-Sep-08 04:30 PM

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