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In-depth Feature:  IK Multimedia Groovemaker v2.0
Serious music software or just another weapon of mass distraction?
The Groovemaker's back with a new look, a new feel and loops that never stop..
Nigel Lord writes: .

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Incredibly, it's almost three years since the release of Groovemaker - one of a handful of applications which helped redefined the way music could be graphically represented on screen. And how strange it felt: using Groovemaker was a bit like finding yourself inside an alien spacecraft, trying to figure out what the controls were for. There had to be a button to make it go - and stop - but it wasn't immediately obvious which was which (and there was always the risk of pressing the one which began the auto-destruct sequence...). arpegiator and loopmaker And now there's Groovemaker II - a little less alien in feel (or is it just that we've become more familiar with this kind of software?), but still very different from mainstream sequencer packages. This is hardly surprising as it isn't a sequencer but a live remixing tool designed to generate millions of groove combinations , 'at the click of a mouse'. In fact it takes many clicks of the mouse to start getting really creative with Groovemaker - though, as is stressed in the accompanying blurb, there's only a one in several million chance that you'll end up producing an identical groove to someone else. Of course, this isn't quite the same as saying that everyone can produce something totally original, though with its file import feature - which now includes MP3s - that's perfectly possible.

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