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  GR-700 At a Glance
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Alex Farrill ( writes:
Sorry i don't have a picture of this, what this is is a silver roland guitar, a remnant from the glam rock age. It is attached by a cable (not a midi cable) to a floor pedal which is essentially, an analog keyboard. So you play the guitar and it transmits midi to the keyboard, which plays the sound. Bear in mind there are no keys. This is a very cool unit if you can find it for about $100, i would not pay any more for it. I bought mine for $600 and then returned it because it really is a piece of crap. The sounds are weird as hell, but analogue conrols are difficult because there are not keys or sliders or knobs, only 3 pedals. If you find it cheap, buy it just because if you get up on stage with it people are gonna think you're a freaking psycho with this thing. Anyway, the synth is not that bad, but you can't control it it has a midi out too.

Comments About the Sounds:
Sound is ok.

(Thanks to Alex Farrill for this info.)
and Robert Frost for the pic

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