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  DZ-1 At a Glance
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Michael Barocca ( writes:
This is a MIDI drum translator. It has 8 Piezo Pad inputs and one on/off pedal input. The pedal switches the hihat (signal from open to closed). There are also 4 drum kit select pedal inputs. There are 4 drum kit maps that can be customized. Each pad input has a slider to control velocity sensitivity. Each drum kit is completely customizable. Each pad can send any note in any program on any channel. This is an excellent piece of equipment. It lets you build any type of drum kit that you want and then make it midi compatible. you can even place piezos in an existing acoustic drum set and convert it to midi. It is very easy to use and very cheep.

(Thanks to Michael Barocca for this info.)
and MB for the pic

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