NAMM 2014: Waldorf 2-Pole Filter

Rocket-sized box      25/01/14

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9:50 mins    

Waldorf's new 2-Pole filter is a multimode filter (same as the Rocket) plus envelope follower/gate which can work on VCA or Filter, plus an audio rate LFO.

Should be dropping in a few weeks at $249



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lightman    Said...

I will SO be a day-one buyer of this wonderfully gritty and dirty little 2-pole beast. Thanks Waldorf and thanks Nick for presenting it to us! YAY! :D

25-Jan-14 05:22 PM

Synnys    Said...

Frédéric said 249$ not 399$

25-Jan-14 05:36 PM

Tmsmn    Said...

Poor guy is loosing his voice

25-Jan-14 09:15 PM

Studio 139    Said...

I like the sound of this unit, I would have liked to see him do a demo using the Rocket, but this was enough for me to add it to my wish list!

26-Jan-14 12:53 AM

Kai    Said...

Yeah.. great product. Eurorack format would make sense with patches along the top face. There's no mention to any of the parameters being midi - I'm guessing this is absent. Would be great to see clock syncable LFO with delay and different waveforms for the LFO. But the price pint is very pleasing. Cool product - I'll prob nab one when available.

26-Jan-14 03:12 AM

arezel    Said...

nice, but no midi :(

26-Jan-14 03:14 AM

JB    Said...

If you want one with MIDI grab a s/h one of these:

(OK, it's 4 pole and doesn't have the overdrive but that can always be added with a stomp box)

27-Jan-14 02:04 PM

Agent Manfredjensenjen    Said...

My favorite product from NAMM 2014. Definitely on my short list.

27-Jan-14 02:39 PM

hiltonius    Said...

nick said it right at the start: "mono?"

looks and sounds lovely tho. call me when the 2 channel one comes out with the clever modulated panning stuff.

29-Jan-14 03:41 PM

KingVidiot    Said...

I got an old Waldorf 4-pole from a friend a few years ago. It's a tasty little filter. It definitely sounds better than this one.

23-Jun-14 02:27 PM

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