WNAMM12: Nektar P4 More Details

We get a closer look with its maker      23/01/12

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We got a quick look at the Nektar P4 on press preview day. Its a quality MIDI controller with tight Reason integration. We caught up again with Tim Chandler, the developer of the P4 to take a look at some of the more detailed features.




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donaldcrunk    Said...

wow very nice controller. as a hardware-only person, i dont think i would hesitate to use this.

5 days of 'Nam and still a great demo!

23-Jan-12 02:23 PM

Tim Chandler    Said...

As much as I'd like to, I can't take all the credit as the sole 'developer' :0)

There's a team of folks here at Nektar who've all done a great job.

23-Jan-12 08:30 PM

The Pro    Said...

I do not understand why I would choose to "dummy down" the visual aspect of Reason with this controller. Any laptop gives you a larger and far more informative and enjoyable interface to work with. This controller also offers no audio interface for the computer whereas other controllers in this price range do. The selling point of the Panarama escapes me.

23-Jan-12 09:42 PM

selercs    Said...

This is a beautiful piece of art with very useful features for Reason. I was a designer once using Solidworks so I love anything with a beautiful and functional design...yours easily triumphs over all the keyboard designs I have seen in the recent times.

I hope Propellerheads is taking notice and features you in their website (if they haven't already)!

I use an Oxygen v2 controller but will probably replace it with this one if the price is right.

Any plans to release a 61 key?

23-Jan-12 11:26 PM

Tim Chandler    Said...

We have a 61 key in the works, but I can't give you pricing or availability yet.

23-Jan-12 11:36 PM

kns    Said...

Release the 61 version soon please. Nice work too, a dedicated controller for Reason is long overdue.

24-Jan-12 10:32 AM

Andrew    Said...

I saw another review from a person I trust who was at NAMM saying this was plasticky beyond belief and the keybed felt cheap and nasty. Also only 12 pads when Kong has 16? That's an instant no no for me. A proper Reason controller is a good idea but I'm not sure this is it.

24-Jan-12 01:40 PM

The Pro    Said...

Check out http://www.musiccomputing.com/controllers for a much more competitive product in the Panarama's price range. I'm all for a controller that is (mostly) dedicated to Reason but the Panarama needs a deeper feature set if it's going to succeed.

24-Jan-12 07:09 PM

fan 1    Said...

beautiful controller now , lets just get the price right

25-Jan-12 09:45 PM

Woo    Said...

I don't understand why "The Pro" thinks that quickly using hardware is somehow dummying down anything. No one's stopping you from using your computer, but amateurs and pros alike enjoy playing and ocmposing directly on hardware without having to constantly refer to a screen.

I hope the price is right, and I look forward to trying one out.

26-Jan-12 09:12 PM

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