MESSE07: TC 2290 In A Stompbox?

US TC Electronic Launch Nova range with Delay and Reverb pedals      30/03/07

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MESSE07: TC 2290 In A Stompbox?

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TC Electronic tell us that they have combined their heritage as a guitar pedal innovator with their more recent efforts as one of the world’s premier signal processing companies to create the new Nova guitar pedal series. The first two products in the line, the ND-1 Nova Delay and NR-1 Nova Reverb offer uncompromised studio quality effects in a compact floor-based design.
Nova Delay
The Nova Delay (ND-1) borrows from TC’s industry standard delay, the 2290, but adds some exciting new features as well. The ND-1 features 6 different delay types: Delay line, dynamic, reverse, ping-pong, pan and slap-back. Each of these types can be combined with a delay style ranging from warm and vintage tape to pristine modern digital delay allowing the user to mix and match a delay type and style to create unique sounds.
Both single delay and dual delay lines can be applied to any type and style using the tap tempo switch or delay time knob to set the speed of the delay. Three different types of modulation (light, medium and heavy) can be applied to any of the delay types – a feature originating from the legendary TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay processor.
The all-new Audio Tapping technology enables users to set the tempo of the delay by playing a rhythm into the pedal while holding down the tap tempo switch making it much easier to set delay times while on the gig.
Other Nova Delay features include the ability to choose between ms (millisecond) and bpm (beats per minute) read-out and spill over on none, one or both settings. Finally, the ND-1 features global tempo – where tap tempo determines the delay time on both settings – which can be switched on and off.

Nova Reverb
The Nova Reverb (NR-1), like the Nova Delay, borrows from some of TC’s industry standard reverbs, like the M3000, but adds some innovative new performance features for the guitarist. The NR-1 is a stereo reverb pedal with two settings selectable via the two footswitches: Manual, which represents the current position of the knobs and Preset, which is a stored sound that can be recalled at any time. The pedal features 5 different reverb types room, spring, hall, plate and specials. You can choose between anything from the warm vintage sounding Classic Spring to the pristine TC Classic Hall or any setting in between.
The NR-1 Nova Reverb also has a unique feature; DynaMix. DynaMix acts as a dynamic ducking effect that turns down the reverb while playing and turns the reverb back up again when you’re not playing. This prevents the sound from getting muddy – especially when using large hall reverb types – but will still gives that huge live venue effect while the notes decay. The DynaMix effect can also be reversed, so the reverb is turned up while playing and gated when the input signal falls below a certain level, producing, say TC, a truly unique and out-of-this-world effect.
Pricing and Availability:
Both pedals and will ship this spring at EUR 230 excl. VAT.
More information:

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