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New to the Business a hobbyist user from US writes:
I am new to the studio production business and set on investing correctly from the start. I have the opportunity to acquire either a pair of NS10M's or JBL 4408's for identical prices. From my research it is clear that the NS10M's are a very polarizing model, however, it does apppear that many of the negative criticisms come from incorrect expectations that they will be client friendly speakers. Missing the point that the beauty they possess is really how in how they expose weakness in your sound. Can anyone please enlighten me with what you believe is a fair price for a pair of NS10M's in near excellent condition?

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 23-Feb-11 at 20:45
Eddie a Professional user from USA writes:
Don't get NS-10's get the White Lines Audio Model K speakers - . I replaced my Ns-10's with them, now i've got all of the good without the bad. They even took my NS-10's on trade in for 30% off.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 17-Mar-10 at 22:32
TEAR a Professional user from usa writes:
NS-10m sound like crap,if it sounds good on them they will sound good anywhere, thats true they were cheap stereo speakers that made they're way into the studio becuse they sound like ^&*% I start my tracking with them and dial things in then switch to a pleaseing sounding monitor I have genlecs, tannoys, these replaced my auratones for a crap speaker get a clue they are a step in the mixing chain they blow all the time but they are standard as a crap speaker when mixing I start the mix on them and finish on a ghetto blaster

posted Saturday, 31-Oct-09 at 14:22
Pedro Brown a hobbyist user from England writes:
Ns10m's are no good as domestic hi-fi speakers. They are treble happy, have no soundstage and bass in non existant. I have tried all sorts of cables and positionings but they just don't cut it.

posted Tuesday, 04-Aug-09 at 12:13
1unknownsoundman a Professional user from US writes:
Yea! Right...They're crap. That's why Most Major Studios have at least 1 pair. I have 3 Pair. And you're right, they don't sound as good as my NS-100X's, or my NS-1000's. I also have Auratones, JBL's, & EV's, and they are the most accurate MIXDOWN speakers. Mear-Field speakers are not LOADspeakers, and they are not for the same purpose. NS-10m's are DEAD FLAT after adding TWO Layers of Scott Single Ply. DEAD FLAT!!! Except the bass roll-off of course. They were made to monitor Near-Field ie: at the board. They do not represent the lowest, highest power, lowest distortion, OR loudest sound. Just the FLATEST. And just like Auratones, They Are Not an absolute, Just a STANDARD.

posted Tuesday, 24-Mar-09 at 1:21
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