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MESSE 2015: Bastl Instruments Rumburack

A nice little jam on the Rumburack System followed by an overview of some of the other modules
MESSE 2015: Plug Guitar Into Any Android Device

IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube UA app for all Android devices
MESSE 2015: Cakewalk Announces Rapture Pro For Mac And Windows

Performance synth combines algorithmic and sample-based synthesis
MESSE 2015: Complete Modular Synthesizer System

Bastl Instruments announces Rumburack
MESSE 2015: More Control For Presonus

StudioLive CS18AI delivers advanced control for StudioLive RM Mixers and Studio One
MESSE 2015: Universal Audio Update Apollo Range

New hardware and a Firewire version for PC users
MESSE 2015: Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box Preview

We got in the way while the guys were setting up their booth