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Superbooth 22: Analog Physical Modeling

On a bike
Superbooth 22: Stolper Beats - Making Sound Machines

Wonky shuffled beat machine
Superbooth 22: Wobbler 2 from This Is Not Rocket Science

But it is, a little bit
Superbooth 22: Patching Panda Particle

Sequence modifier module
Superbooth 22: Playtronica Orbita - Mechanical Sequencer

Coming to Kickstarter
Superbooth 22: Lep Loop V2

New case options, new features
Superbooth 22: IO Instruments Kal Iyke Function Generator

LFO, ADSR, Freeze and more
Superbooth 22: Radikal - Meet The Gang

A bit of cinematic ambient
Superbooth 22: Befaco ACDC USB 4x4 Audio Interface

4 in 4 out
Superbooth 22: Rides On The Storm - New Modules

Superbooth 22: Din Sync Refurb Your SH-101

Or TR909, 808
Superbooth 22: Ritual Electronics Areana 5x5 Matrix Mixer

And Anima update
Superbooth 22: Freds Lab Manatee Spectral Synth

DSP powered, inspired by digital classics
Superbooth 22: VPME Modules Run Down

Euclidean Circles, Quad Drum Voice and expander
Superbooth 22: Knobula - Kickain And Poly Cinematic

New Kick module with built in side chaining
Superbooth 22: NonLinear Labs C15 - We Have A Listen

A few more sounds
Superbooth 22: XOR Electronics - NerdSEQ Sequencer

A tracker with sample sequencing and extensive CV outs
Superbooth 22: Soundforce - SFC-8 Midi Controller

A controller for more than just Jupiters that really looks the part
Superbooth 22: Worng Electronics - Mid-Side Plus

Mid-side processor with CV control
Superbooth 22: Between Machines - Clocker And Keeper

2 sequencers with very different approaches
Superbooth 22: Intech Studio - Grid Controllers

Magnetically snappable controllers with flexible functions
Superbooth 22: Neuzeit Instruments - Quasar

New binaural processor puts audio into 3D space
Superbooth 22: Silhouette - Silhouette Eins

Highly unique synthesizer uses images and video to generate sound
Superbooth 22: Synthux Academy

New platform to help you design your own hardware
Superbooth 22: Exclusive Preview Of Akai MPC 2.11 OS

New Features sneak peak
Superbooth 22: ALM Busy Circuits - ASQ-1

An SH-101 style sequencer with multiple tracks for notes and beats
Superbooth 22: ZOOM V3 and V6 Vocal Processors

Zoom introduce 2 boxes for vocal processing ranging from subtle to extreme
Superbooth 22: ADAM Audio - A Series Monitors

5 new monitors to suit any studio situation
Superbooth 22: Bitwig 4.3 Adds Convolution, Delay Freeze

And more -
Superbooth 22: EMS Sound Freak New Modules

Classic modules from the VCS3 returning.
Superbooth 22: Verbos Polyphonic Envelopes

Cascade or trigger
Superbooth 22: Mayer MD900 Extended Analog

Desktop monster
Superbooth 22: Xaoc Devices - Sofia, Koszalin, Gera, Poczdam, and Sopot

Xaoc Devices present 5 new modules
Superbooth 22: Modal - Argon 8 Updates

The noble Argon gets a whole bunch of new wavtables.
Superbooth 22: Doepfer - Stereo Multimode Filter

New morphing multi-mode filter from eurorack legend
Superbooth 22: Random Source - Serge Modules

Random Source are releasing the Serge system with tweaks and improvements
Superbooth 22: Aodyo Instruments - Anyma Phi

A new physical-modelling synthesizer simulates real world sound
Superbooth 22: Modal Electronics Argon 8S Update

More wavetables
Superbooth 22: Klavis - Grainity, Tweakers And Two Bits

Klavis have invented the granular VCF
Superbooth 22: Tubbutec - 202 Modification And 6m0d6

Modified classic takes the pain out of 202 programming
Superbooth 22: Landscape - Noon

A passive analogue synth that has no power supply? Tell us more!
Superbooth 22: Modbap Modular - Per4mer, Osiris And Transit

Corry Banks demonstrates the musicality of three Modbap modules
Superbooth 22: ADAM Audio - A Series Monitors

ADAM release 5 new studio monitors for an array of professional and home studio duties
Superbooth 22: Joranalogue - Delay 1

New module from Joranalogue gives CV control over a high-end BBD delay
Superbooth 22: Rhodes - MK-8

The classic piano returns with absolutely no compromises
Superbooth 22: Cosmotronic - 5 Modules

Cosmotronic give complete range of modules their first Superbooth airing
Superbooth 22: RME - ADI-2/4 Pro SE

High-end RME converter gets an upgrade
Superbooth 22: Buchla And Tiptop Audio - Eurorack 200 Series

Buchla and Tiptop team up to recreate the west-coast classic
Superbooth 22: Divkid - Stereo Strip

DivKid presents his fourth module in collaboration with Befaco
Superbooth 22: Squarp - Hapax Standalone Sequencer

Very powerful piece of kit at the centre of a studio or live setup
Superbooth 22: Metabolic Devices - New Modules

Prototype signal generator and flexible function generator
Superbooth 22: Korg - NTS-2 Oscilloscope

A book and oscilloscope package from Korg? We didn't see that coming!
Superbooth 22: Gamechanger Audio - Motorsynth MK2

The motorsynth drives back to Superbooth with
Superbooth 22: Keurslager Kurt - New Ae Modules

New modules for the tiny Ae system
Superbooth 22: Sebastian Merchel - Prototype Drum Beam

A genuine before-they-were-famous moment with a future percussion instrument
Superbooth 22: Dirtywave - M8 Portable Tracker

Truly pocket-sized tracker with a sampler and FM synth
Superbooth 22: Dreadbox - DIY Kits

Dreadbox re-release two classics and one new synth in kit form
Superbooth 22: 4ms - Five new modules

4ms show us their new modules with an emphasis on modulation
Superbooth 22: - Ghost Air Streamer and Running order

New modules from with a multi-fx collaboration with Andrew Huang
Superbooth 22: Soma - Terra

Soma reveal their ultra-expressive new instrument
Superbooth 22: Doctron - Stimming's Instant Mastering Chain

Is this the world's smallest analogue mastering chain?
Superbooth 22: PWM - Malevolent

Beefy little semi-modular now in production and getting new accessories
Superbooth 22: Eventide - Misha

Interval-based instrument and sequencer
Superbooth 22: U-he - Prototype Envelope And Cascade Filter

A very early preview of the upcoming filter and Envelope modules
Superbooth 22: ASM - Hydrasynth Explorer

Gaz gets his hands on the tiny but powerful synth
Superbooth 22: Fine Gear - Dirt Magnet

Analog multi effect unit with real tape delay and oodles of dirty character
Superbooth 22: Plankton Electronics - Zaps

Plankton update their digitally controlled analogue drum module
Superbooth 22: Erica Synths - Syntrx 2

Erica's modern take on the Synthi gets refined and expanded
Superbooth 22: Bastl Instruments Pizza

Take a bite of Pizza - the new complex oscillator from Bastl
Superbooth 22: Quanalog Boubou and Butterfly

Boutique drum and gnarly complex VCO modules
Superbooth 22: Erica Synths LXR-2 Drum Module

The desktop drum machine has a new Eurorack vesion
Superbooth 22: Instruo - Two New Modules

Larachd and Cuir: modules to modulate and shape your ins and outs
Superbooth 22: MyVolts Beat Splitter And Slim Slider

MyVolts introduce pocket-sized add-ons to manage audio and sync
Superbooth 22: Ae Modular - New Modules

Ae expand their tiny modular universe and add a new mixer.
Superbooth 22: Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

An updated OP-1 with 100 new features
Superbooth 22: Polyend Play

New intuitive tabletop groove box and midi sequencer
Superbooth 22: IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Black Edition

Limited edition black synth plus a new audio interface and four FX pedals
Superbooth 22: UDO Super 6 New Features

Big update coming for the keyboard and desktop synths
Superbooth 22: Oberheim OB-X8

Oberheim flagship synth for the 21st Century
Superbooth 22: Twisted Electrons Blast Beats

10 voice groove box with a vintage FM heart
Superbooth 22: Bastl Instruments Intros Pizza

Eurorack FM & Wave-shaping Oscillator
Superbooth 22: Cre8audio East Beast

Fully analogue east-coast style semi modular synth
Superbooth 22: Semi-Modular Desktop Analog Synth

Cre8audio introduces the eurorack-friendly East Beast in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular