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NAMM 2023: Catch Up With

Trends and news
NAMM 2023: Osmose Sounds Only

Jim takes a look
NAMM 2023: Eclipsed Sounds New Virtual Voices For Dreamtonics

Soprano and Bass vocalists on show
NAMM 2023: Sibilla Stereo Digital Oscillator

Eurorack module is 'an ever-evolving sound machine for soundscapes, melodies, and drones'
NAMM 2023: Sound Radix Announces Auto-Align 2

A major update to the automatic microphone alignment and phase correction plug-in
NAMM 2023: New Yamaha CK Stage Keyboard - No Talking

Sounds only
NAMM 2023: Rhodes MK8 Now With FX

Analog FX board on show
NAMM 2023: Rhodes V8 Pro Plugin

Laser guided samples
NAMM 2023: Percussion Factory and Quadra Traveler

With Venus Theory
NAMM 2023: Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder - Finally!

Long awaited plug-in now here
NAMM 2023: Non-Linear Labs C15 - No Talking

Sounds only demo
NAMM 2023: Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave - No Talking

Sounds only from the monster wavetable hybrid
NAMM 2023 - ASM - Hydrasynth Explorer - Sounds Only

Jim Heywood gives us a tour of the Hydrasynths sound capabilities
NAMM 2023: Melbourne Instruments - NINA - Sound Only Demo

Jim from Earmonkey Music puts NINA through her paces
NAMM 2023: T-Rex Effects - Binson Echorec

Recreation of the classic drum delay
NAMM 2023: Artiphon - Orba 2

The new Orba gets its own sample engine
NAMM 2023: Death By Audio - Disturbance

Filter flanger and phaser in a pedal that's designed to go beyond the norms
NAMM 2023: Mellotron - M4000D - New Sounds

New expansion card brings previously unreleased sounds to your Mellotron
NAMM 2023: Vouchlea - Dubler 2

Voice to MIDI to get ideas from your mouth into your DAW
NAMM 2023: Poly Effects - Hector - Beebo - Flat V

Virtual modular environment with over 100 modules inside
NAMM 2023: Innovation Lounge For AI and New Tech

GPU Audio curated space
NAMM 2023: Dave Rossum - Sound Semiconductor

We talk to Dave Rossum about his life in designing chips for music
NAMM 2023: Elektron - Overbridge for AAX Preview

Overbridge gives total control over the Elektron family
NAMM 2023: Entropy and Sons Release Date For Video Synth

Live inputs from webcam and HDMI too
NAMM 2023: Muse Ovations - Beatwarp

New groovebox sequencer coming soon
NAMM 2023: Catlinbread - FX40 - STS-88

Two new pedals from Catlinbread
NAMM 2023: Robkoo - Wind Synthesizer R1

musical instrument from the future allows beginners to play music easily
NAMM 2023: Bome - BomeBox Updates

BomeBox gets iOS capabilities and more
NAMM 2023: Tape It - iOs App

App to streamline your phone musical sketches
NAMM 2023: McDSP - KD-1 Kinetic Drive

New Drive plugin powered by the analogue heart of McDSPs APB
NAMM 2023: Astral - Fast Convolution Probabilistic Synthesizer

Unique synth takes samples and turns them into continuous frequency spaces
NAMM 2023: Crazy Tube Circuits - Unobtanium - Motherload

New stompboxes bringing old classics together

Virtual instrument that brings microtonality and world music flavours to your DAW
NAMM 2023: Mntra Instruments - MNDALA 2 Player - Arca - Atma

A suite of reactive instruments with complex real-time parameter controls
NAMM 2023: Endlesss On Arcade Machine?

Beat Machine is here
NAMM 2023: Krotos Studio

Streamlined sound fx for film foley and games
NAMM 2023: Realitone Sunset Choir

Ensembles and solos - coming soon
NAMM 2023: KiloHearts - Phaseplant

Award-winning modular synth plugin that is constantly evolving
NAMM 2023: Nektar - Panorama CS12

New generation of Panorama
NAMM 2023: Audient - iD 24 Interface

Audient release the spiritual heir to the iD 22
NAMM 2023: Audient - EVO 16 - EVO SP8

New mic preamp and 24 in - 24 out interface
NAMM 2023: U-he Show Updated Filterscape Bundle

Coming soon(ish)
NAMM 2023: AmeNote - ProtoZOA - MIDI 2.0

MIDI 2.0 development continues apace
NAMM 2023: Audio Modeling - SWAM Instruments

Modelled instruments with a light footprint and greater expressivity
NAMM 2023: Hamilton Metalcraft

Bespoke metal boxes for instrument and pedal designers
NAMM 2023: Bitwig Version 5

Context-aware workflow enhancements for Bitwig
NAMM 2023: Ashun Sound Machines - Hydrasynth Update 2.0

Hydrasynth owners get more memory and new features
NAMM 2023: SonicMind

An app to make your pedalboard more flexible
NAMM 2023: Odisei Music - Travel Sax

Portable Sax for private practicing
NAMM 2023: Realtime Audio - Real Time Collaboration

Play with musicians at a distance with very low latency
NAMM 2023: NUGEN Audio - Jotter - Halo Vision

New software to aid communication between you and your clients
NAMM 2023: Tracktion - Waveform 12.5

Waveform gets an update using AI to remix video and audio
NAMM 2023: SOMA Laboratory - Terra

Expressive instrument that aims to connect nature and technology
NAMM 2023: Lumen Handpan

Expressive Handpan instrument that can be played unplugged
NAMM 2023: Modbap - Meridian Filter Array

a versatile and high-quality filter module
NAMM 2023: Beyerdynamic - New Look

Beyerdynamic celebrate 100 years with a facelift
NAMM 2023: Oeksound - Soothe Live

Powerful resonance taming for live sound
NAMM 2023: Playtime Engineering - Blipblox SK2

Kid-friendly synth built for years of sonic playtime
NAMM 2023: PSound - Gran Coda Fazioli

Detailed virtual recreation of a Fazioli grand
NAMM 2023: Studiologic - Numa X Piano

A quality physically modelled flagship Piano
NAMM 2023: Eventide - H90 Pedal

Eventide's flagship pedal boasts ten new algorithms
NAMM 2023: 4ms - Sampler - Looping Delay

New modules from 4ms also available as kits
NAMM 2023: Embodme - Erae Touch MIDI Controller

Flexible and responsive polyphonic controller that you can hit with sticks
NAMM 2023: Sound Particles - Skydust 3D

New synth lets you place oscillators in 3D space
NAMM 2023: Freqport - Freqtube

Analogue warmth with digital control
NAMM 2023: - Netherblade

Midi controller with internal sounds and polyphonic bending capabilities
NAMM 2023: - Golden Master - Ghost

Two new pedals based on Eurorack modules
NAMM 2023: 4Cast - MVP

A tiny box that puts Visuals and DMX lighting under MIDI control
NAMM 2023: Autotune Upgrades

EFX+ 10.0 and Auto-Key 2 launch
NAMM 2023: Verbos Electronics - Real World Interface

New module from Verbos generates control signals from real world sounds
NAMM 2023: Neumann - MT48

A premium high quality audio interface from Neumann
NAMM 2023: FabFilter - Twin 3 - Timeless 3 - Volcano 3

FabFilter plugins get a visible modulation update
NAMM 2023: PSPaudioware - Lexicon Vocal Demo

The PSP plugin put through its paces by a punk band
NAMM 2023: Polyend - Tracker Mini

Smaller tracker with larger memory and lower latency
NAMM 2023: JoeCo - Bandmate

Dedicated playback of 24 chanels plus MIDI for small bands
NAMM 2023: Instachord - Midi Instrument

Strum-able controller with built in sounds for pain-free fingers
NAMM 2023: PSP - Lexicon PSP 42

PSPs classic delay emulation gets redesigned, resized and new processing modes
NAMM 2023: Black BT - SusEx

A pedal for sustain, expression, triggers and just about anything else.
NAMM 2023: Yamaha - CK Series Stage Keyboard

Lightweight hammer action keys that can run on batteries
NAMM 2023: Audio Design Desk 2.0

Movie sound effects just got streamlined
NAMM 2023: Cloud Microphones - Cloudlifter CL-X

New Cloudlifter for heavier clouds
NAMM 2023: VSL - MIR Pro 3D

A holistic mixing and reverberation application
NAMM 2023: Antelope Audio - Atlas i8

Antelope Audio present their new active monitor
NAMM 2023: IV/OCT - The Centre

Polyphonic multitimbral Eurorack module
NAMM 2023: SoundFlow - Workflow Platform

SoundFlow does all the boring bits of production for you
NAMM 2023: Nektar Aruba Now With Live Integration

Aruba gains deeper integration with Live
NAMM 2023: Nektar Aruba

Aruba gains deeper integration with Live
NAMM 2023: GPU Audio

GPU continue to expand partnerships with other companies