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NAMM 2018: ProTools Updates

New nomenclature, new workflow features
NAMM 2018: Centrance Mixerface R4

Mixer, audio interface and SD recorder
NAMM 2018: WaveRazor Editor Ready Very Soon

Incredibly deep editing for the complex software intrsument
NAMM 2018: 6ft Novation Launchpad XL

Multiple Launchpads - wall mounted
NAMM 2018: Electro Harmonix Founder Mike Matthews and the New 95000 Looper

Gaz chats to Mike Matthews about the history of EHX and looping
NAMM 2018: DASZ Instruments Standalone Music Production System

Latest information as they near production
NAMM 2018: Vernon Reid Interview Derailed by Unexpected Guest With 8ft Guitar...

Gaz interviews Vernon Reid, but things get wild when an 8ft guitar makes an appearance....
NAMM 2018: Two New Alesis Budget Electronic Mesh Kits

Alesis Command and Surge affordable mesh head kits
NAMM 2018: JoeCo Cello 384kHz USB Audio

Hi end USB interface with 22 inputs
NAMM 2018: Empress Effects Zoia - Modular Synth In A Pedal

Outrageous amount of routings and effeects
NAMM 2018: Rip Ties - Everybody Needs Some

Will probably outlast your cables
NAMM 2018: OWC Products -Upgrade Your Mac

Thunderbolt, USB-C, SSDs and memory upgrades
NAMM 2018: Enhancia MIDI Ring

Interesting gesture based MIDI controller
NAMM 2018: Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar

Strap it on and wig out
NAMM 2018: Smashmouse Unique Floor Controller

Transport and mouse control control from the floor
NAMM 2018: IK Multimedia Stomp IO - So What Is It?

We got a look
NAMM 2018: Sonic TALK Wrap Show

With Mylar Melodies and Gaz Williams
NAMM 2018: Polyend Updates for Seq and Perc Pro

Gaz takes a look at the Polyend range and see how fast the Perc Pro can go!
NAMM 2018: Blipblox - A Synth For Kids

A fully functioning synthesizer for your children
NAMM 2018: Arturia MiniBrute 2 With Sebastien

An overview of the new synths
NAMM 2018: 3DIO Binaural Microphones

Gaz gets a demo of the Binaural capabilities of the 3dio Microphones
NAMM 2018: Spitfire Audio Olafur Arnalds String Library

We talk to Paul Thomson
NAMM 2018: Antelope Audio Announces EDGE Strip

DISCRETE MP Mic Pre and EDGE modelling microphone bundled together
NAmM 2018: Yudo Neuman - Crazy Touch Screen Keyboard Concept

One beautiful looking piece of gear
NAMM 2018: KAMI-OTO DIY Cardboard Keyboard!

MIDI enabled cardboard keyboard is live on kickstarter
NAMM 2018: Line 6 HX Effects Unit

The latest member to the Helix line
NAMM 2018: Mordax Systems - Granular Sampler

A new granular sampler from Mordax Systems
NAMM 2018: Rainger FX - Reverb X

An interesting distorted reverb concept
NAMM 2018: Eventide's First Eurorack Module

Alan walks us through the features...
NAMM 2018: Catalyst Audio Buchla Clones

More Buchla 100 clones added to the line
NAMM 2018: Vintage Synth Lab - Dual Oscillator

Dual oscillator with some nice sync features
NAMM 2018: Gaz Williams and Cuckoo with a Pocket Operators Sampler

Gaz and Cuckoo finally meet
NAMM 2018: Enhancia Ring Controller

Proprietary Controller from Enhancia
NAMM 2018: New Arturia Hardware Standard with Gaz Willaims

Gaz checks out the new hardware standard from Arturia
NAMM 2018: Delptronics MIDI Thru For Eurorack

Super useful MIDI Utility
NAMM 2018: Vermona Prototype Modules

Swen takes us through the new prototypes for 2018
NAMM 2018: Koma Elektronik FieldKit FX and Strom Mobile Power

Wouter talks through the features of their second wildly successful Kickstarter
NAMM 2018: UVI Vintage Vault 2.0

Sampled synth library with over 5 decades of synths
NAMM 2018: WMD Fracture Percussion Module

Create layered percussion sounds with this new module
NAMM 2018: Casio's Advanced Electronic Keyboards

CT-X series new AiX sound source aims to reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments
NAMM 2018: Bitwig 2.3 New Time Stretching, Synths and More

Claes shows off the new features
NAMM 2018: ROLI Songmaker Kits and Blocks

New Songmaker Kits and Block from ROLI
NAMM 2018: Realitone Hip Hop Creator

New Software From Realitone
NAMM 2018: Bose S1 Pro

New Portable PA Speaker From Bose
NAMM 2018: 1010 Music Bitbox updates, Toolbox and Synthbox

Aaron Higgins shows of some of the new features in the 1010 Music range
NAMM 2018: Kilpatrick Audio New Tabletop Devices

Andrew Kilpatrick shows of their newest tabletop models
NAMM 2018: Strymon Magneto Eurorack Tape Delay

The long awaited Strymon entry into the Eurorack market
NAMM 2018: Sonicware ELZ_1

Compact instrument a bit like an OP-1
NAMM 2018: OMB Guitars

Built in backing track accompaniment and so much more
NAMM 2018: iZotope Spire Studio Wireless Recorder

First foray for iZotope into the hardware market
NAMM 2018: Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8r Final Production

The legend of sampling shows off his newest creation
NAMM 2018: Doepfer Polyphonic Modules and Dark Energy 3

Dieter was as ever very modest with his latest creations...
NAMM 2018: Noise Engineering New Modules for 2018

Stephen gave us the rundown on everything for 2018
NAMM 2018: Herr Schneider Speaks About Superbooth

Takes a dig at NAMM and also Frankfurt...
NAMM 2018: Steady State Fate - Bantum Semi Modular Fits Perfectly with a Mother 32

A whole host of modules and updates to the line
NAMM 2018: Verbos Electronics Multi Delay Processor

8 Tap digital delay with great features for integrating deep in the patch
NAMM 2018: Buchla Now With Added Doty

New US company - we talk to Marc
NAMM 2018: Behringer Drop A New Synth - Neutron

Its RED and sounds pretty good
NAMM 2018: New Line 6 Multi-FX

HX Effects pedalboard-friendly pedal offers 100+ Helix effects, plus legacy effects
NAMM 2018: Pioneer Launches DDJ-1000 Controller

Designed for dedicated use with rekordbox dj professional performance application
NAMM 2018: Waldorf STVC

Vocoder and Streichfett in a Keyboard
NAMM 2018: Presonus Studio Live Series 3 Mixer

NAMM 2018: Pioneer DDJ-1000

All in one DJ controller and mixer
NAMM 2018: Pioneer DJS-1000

New performance sampler
NAMM 2018: Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A

Paraphonic modular voice with built in effects and MIDI to CV
NAMM 2018: 2Hp - Drum modules, VCO, LFO, PLAY and More

The tiniest modular company's range is expanding rapidly...
NAMM 2018: Malekko Manther Growl

Ben takes us through the analogue voice from the Manther
NAMM 2018: Intellijel Rubicon 2, Morgasmatron and Planar 2

Danjel shows off their improvements to some mk2 modules
NAMM 2018: Montage OS2.0 Adds Workflow Enhnancements

Eassier control assignments
NAMM 2018: Sensel Morph Controller Now for Sale

Interchangeable control surfaces
NAMM 2018: RĂ˜DETest

New range of professional acoustic measurement microphones announced
NAMM 2018: Qu-bit Electronix Nebulae 2, Scanned and Synapse

Three new modules make up this years announcements
NAMM 2018: Erica Synths Graphic Wavetable VCO and More

Girts shows off some of the new Erica Synths range, including the Graphic VCO, Black DSP 2 and the Resonant Filter
NAMM 2018: Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900

The first standalone semi-modular from Pittsburgh Modular
NAMM 2018: Malekko Manther Groovebox

Updates on last years design!
NAMM 2018: Mackie In-Ear Monitors

MP Series Professional In-Ear Monitors are available in three models
NAMM 2018: IK Models Iconic Rotary Speaker

IK Multimedia, Hammond and Suzuki announce Leslie for AmpliTube and T-RackS
NAMM 2018: What That IK Teaser Was About

iRig Stomp I/O is a USB pedalboard controller for Mac/PC and iOS with audio and MIDI interface
NAMM 2018: Positive Grid Intros BIAS AMP 2

Virtual amp designer updated with a host of new features
NAMM 2018: New Alesis Wireless Keytar

Vortex Wireless 2 announced - the world's most epic MIDI controller gets a makeover
NAMM 2018: 4ms Wav Recorder, Listen Two and Listen Four

Neat tools for in the modular recording and mixing also some goth faceplates
NAMM 2018: 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator Updates

This crazy oscillator now has even more features
NAMM 2018: Nord Electro 6 - First Look

New layout, patch overlap and more
NAMM 2018: BOSS Announces GT-1000

Guitar effects processor is driven by BOSS's latest custom DSP engine
NAMM 2018: Nord Introduces The Electro 6

Emulations of vintage electro mechanical and acoustic instruments in an ultra-portable package
NAMM 2018: New Audient Audio Interface

iD44 features four Class-A console mic pres plus potential I/O of 20in / 24out
NAMM 2018: Voltage Modular Sneak Peview

New company, Cherry Audio, posts a teaser video prior to the show
NAMM 2018: IK Tease New Level Of Integration

For stage and studio etc

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