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NAMM 2016: AJH Synths New Eurorack Modules

Alan took us through their latest additions
NAMM 2016: Numark At NAMM

New products showcased
NAMM 2016: Positive Grid BIAS FX Standalone

Amp-And-Effects Processor for is now available as a standalone app for both Mac and PC
NAMM 2016: MIDI Control In A Glove

Remidi T8 is a Bluetooth-enabled MIDI controller that you wear on your hand
NAMM 2016: Realitone RealiDrums Library

Swift sound swapping and pattern generation
NAMM 2016: Slapping A Box Goes Hi-Tech

Roland introduces the EC-10 EL Cajon with layered electronic sounds
NAMM 2016: Expressive E Touché Unveiled

Official video and specifications released for new controller
NAMM 2016: Intelligent Mastering Processor

Softube introduces the Drawmer S73, an enhanced multi-band compressor plug-in
NAMM 2016: Kemper Profiler Gets Morphing Feature

New feature in OS 4.0 updateallows for transitions between even the most extreme sounds
NAMM 2016: Celemony Melodyne 4 More Mind Blowing Features

Is there no end to the magic?
NAMM 2016: Modal Electronics 002 and 008 Oscillator And FIlters

Now available in Eurorack modules
NAMM 2016: Yamaha Montage - Plenty Of Power

AWM2 128 voices, FM 8 op 128 voices
NAMM 2016: Tom Oberheim And Dave Smith Introduce the OB-6

New synth is a collaboration between the two most influential designers in polysynth history
NAMM 2016: Arturia KeyStep Controller & Sequencer

Portable USB MIDI keyboard controller concept advanced with CV connectivity and step sequencing
NAMM 2016: Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synth

Is this the most powerful analogue synthesizer ever created?
NAMM 2016: Easy-To-Use Vocal Processor

TC-Helicon Perform-V attaches to your mic stand and polishes your vocal sound
NAMM 2016: ARQ - A New Electronic Instrument From Zoom

Combined drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller for electronic music production and performance
NAMM 2016: New TC Looper

TC Electronic Ditto X4 offers dual loop tracks, FX and more
NAMM 2016: Seaboard RISE - Twice The Size

Seaboard RISE 49's 4 octaves extends the possibilities of ROLI's MIDI controller
NAMM 2016: Music On The Move With The Roland A-01

Pocket MIDI Controller with it's own sound generator, step sequencer and speaker
NAMM 2016: New Algorithm For Eventide H9 Stompbox

SpaceTime runs 3 effects at once