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Summer NAMM 2015: Roland System 500 Analog Modular Synth

Prototype demoed at the show - watch the video
Summer NAMM 2015: Compact BOSS Reverb Pedal

New RV-6 features eight distinctive reverb types
Summer NAMM 2015: New BOSS Digital Delay

DD-500 claimed to be the most powerful and versatile digital delay pedal ever made
NAMM 2015: Abstract Data New Modules

Justin Owen gives us the run own of their 5 new modules!
NAMM 2015: Hex Inverter Mutant Machine

We get a look at the new cover all bases and more drum module
NAMM 2015: Tsunami Of Voice And Modulation

Snazzy FX announces Tidal Wave synth module
NAMM 2015: Kontakt Drums From Headley Grange

Spitfire samples rock history with three legendary drummers recorded at one legendary location
NAMM 2015: Pro Tools 12 Launches

Now with flexible licensing options and more
NAMM 2015: Pro Tools For Free

Avid unveils Pro Tools | First, a free version of the industry-standard Pro Tools
NAMM 2015: Music Production Studio For iPad

UVI announces the release of BeatHawk portable
NAMM 2015: New Roland Audio Interface

Super UA USB 2.0 audio interface features proprietary S1LKi technology
NAMM 2015: New Music Computing Releases

ControlTOUCH 2, ControlBLADE 5, StudioBLADE 5, TANTO, and MotionCOMMAND touchscreens
NAMM 2015: BIAS Update - New Amps

Positive Grid introduces Strandberg Signature BIAS amps
NAMM 2015: Prophet-6 Launched

Dave Smith brings back Sequential
NAMM 2015: New Moog Modulars With Gordon Reid

System 55, 35 and 15 available in limited runs
NAMM 2015: New TC Bass Cabs

TC Electronic introduces K-Series Bass Cabinets
NAMM 2015: Looper for Vocals And Acoustic Instruments

TC-Helicon introduces the Ditto Mic Looper stompbox
NAMM 2015: Vocal Mic With Built-In FX Control

TC-Helicon announces the MP-76 Modern Performance Microphone with Advanced Mic Control
NAMM 2015: Ploytec Synthesizer

Take a look at the Leukos
NAMM 2015: Vintage Effects From TC Electronic

Helix Phaser and Viscous Vibe make their debut
NAMM 2015: New Waldorf Software And Hardware

nw1 Wavetable Module is Waldorf's first Eurorack product
NAMM 2015: Studio-Grade Guitar Compressor

Seymour Duncan releases the Vise Grip Compressor
NAMM 2015: New Electro-Harmonix Tremolo Pedal

Super Pulsar offers different waveforms and rhythmic patterns

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