News / Musik MESSE 2008 Videos

Digidesign and the art of live shows

Robb Allan tells us what you can do these days
TC CEO Talks Gibson Merger

We get the skinny on what’s going on
TC Nova Guitar System

Multi FX to put your foot on
TunesKeeper tough portadrives

Drop em and they bounce back
TC PowerCore MultiTap Delay

TC Electronic announces Tap Factory plug-in combining multi-tap delay with early reflection reverb
Boss SL-20 Auto Slicing Stompbox

Boss introduce the SL-20 Slicer pedal for creating rhythmic efects
Numark Super DJ system

Numark introduces the DDS80 rack mountable digital media system
Mackie U420 Mixers

U.420 and U420d firewire I/Faces
Glyph Portagig Drive

Tough pocket drive with FW800 and USB2
Yamaha Audiogram USB i/f

Yamaha debut new Audiogram USB recording systems with audio interface and Cubase software
TC Nova Dynamics and Modular

Dynamics and Modulation models – take a look
Notion Progression

IK Mulitimedia's Amplitube 2 Duo now on board
Edirol VJ Groovebox

Trigger clips in real-time
Eowave body sensors

USB8 Sensor Box and a wireless system
Ayoub Music Arabic Sounds

USB Stick Soundset for Korg PA keyboards
Antelope Atomic Clock

Atomic clock source for the anti-jitter nut
EKS Otus DJ Controller - wow!

The Otus looks the part and does the job too
TC Haramonizing pedals amaze

Helicon cram some hot technology into a little stomp
Circle Synthesizer - nice

Beautiful design, the sound aint bad either
Superbooth book 08

A year off, but a great new book from the main man
Elektron MKII Machines

Monomachine and MachineDrum sget some love
Roland Fantom-G Deeper

Artemiy gives us a look under the hood
Numark MixMeister DJ Controller

94 dedicated hardware controls - hell yeah!
Synthesizer magazin

Synthesizer Magazin flies the flag
Alesis DM5 Pro, USB-Pro kits

Surge cymbals and USB brain
Prism Sound Orpheus Convertors

Simply the best
Genoqs Machines NEMO Sequencer

Genoqs Machines NEMO follows Octopus
Edirol R09HR recorder

R09HR – it’s high res you know.
Nord is 25!

Limited Edition of 299 units marks 25 years of Clavia
Presonus StudioLive console

StudioLive is in the front of house
2Box Drum Kit

2Box show off their DrumIt Five bright orange electronic drum kit
M-Audio speaker roundup

Nick takes a video look at the M-Audio speaker range including some yet to be announced
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R

M-Audio's Fast Track Ultra 8R USB interface under the spotlight
Yamaha IM8 analogue consoles

Eight busses all come at once with the IM8 Series of analogue live sound consoles
Yamaha Motif Rack XS

Actually, it probably sounds great, here it is, the Yamaha Motif XS in a rack
88 note stage piano workstation

Korg tickle the Pa588 ivories for us
Korg M3 Supercharged sounds

Korg M3 Supercharge provides 512 new downloadable sounds
Pocket size synth from Korg

Korg DS-10 puts an MS-10 style synth into a Nintendo DS
Belkin's Portable Podcast studio

Belkin demonstrate the Podcast Studio
The Brand New Restyler

The man behind the Sherman Filter Bank briefly shows us the Restyler DJ FX Station
Extreme MADI-ness

Multichannel audio via PCIe for Mac and PC
Line 6 DIY Stompbox

Line 6 show us the ToneCore DSP Developer Kit for creating unique digital FX stompboxes
New From Focusrite

Focusrites talk us through Liquid Mix 16 and the Liquid 4 Pre Pro Tools plug-in
New From Steinberg

Steinberg show us the MR816 audio interfaces and the CC121 Controller
SSL Duende PCIe and Matrix

SSL give us a tour round new products that bring the SSL sound to home and project studios
SMPro Audio Round Up

SMPro Audio show us their V-Box and V-Pedal
Waldorf Blofeld

We get some video footage of Waldorf's Blofeld on its way to world domination...
Melodyne Direct Note Access

Direct Note Access - tis the work of the devil I tell you..
MESSE08 - We're off..

Gales, Luggage and a taste of what's to come