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  AES06SF: Saturday Videos Online
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FEATURE:  SONIC LAB: Arturia Analog Factory
2000 legendary sounds from Arturia's Classic synth range in a groovy module.
Shorn Wigs on the Analog Factory 8:15 mins
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FEATURE:  SONIC LAB: Prophet V - The Second Coming goes Digital
Prophet 5, Prophet VS. It's a Hybrid of the two !! Is Arturia's newest addition to their Analog Classic synthesizer range any good ?
Shorn discovers the true Prophet 21:30 mins
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  WNAMM06: Arturia Announce Prophet V
  Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and Prophet VS in a single soft synth

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  MESSE05: Arturia Get the Horn
  Brass modelling plugin result of IRCAM partnership

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  WNAMM05: Arturia 2600V on Show
  Analog classic to go

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