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  NAMM 2018: Pioneer DJS-1000
  New performance sampler

    MP4 5:0 mins    

  NAMM 2018: 2Hp - Drum modules, VCO, LFO, PLAY and More
  The tiniest modular company's range is expanding rapidly...

    MP4  | Flash Video 5:0 mins

  NAMM 2018: Montage OS2.0 Adds Workflow Enhnancements
  Eassier control assignments

    MP4  | Flash Video 5:16 mins

  NAMM 2018: Sensel Morph Controller Now for Sale
  Interchangeable control surfaces

    MP4  | Flash Video 5:30 mins

  NAMM 2018: Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900
  The first standalone semi-modular from Pittsburgh Modular

    MP4  | Flash Video 6:40 mins

  NAMM 2018: Qu-bit Electronix Nebulae 2, Scanned and Synapse
  Three new modules make up this years announcements

    MP4  | Flash Video 6:40 mins

  NAMM 2018: Erica Synths Graphic Wavetable VCO and More
  Girts shows off some of the new Erica Synths range, including the Graphic VCO, Black DSP 2 and the Resonant Filter

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:0 mins

  NAMM 2018: Nord Electro 6 - First Look
  New layout, patch overlap and more

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:51 mins

  NAMM 2018: Waldorf Quantum Sounds
  More details, shipping quite soon

    MP4  | Flash Video 13:37 mins

click to view and listen   Podcast: Sonic TALK 521 - Arturia, Moog Pre NAMM Preamble
  Enhancia Midi Ring, Brutes, DFAM

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