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  Sonic LAB: Novation ZeRO SL MkII and Launchpad
  New Live modes for native Ableton control

No flash plug

    MP4 10:51 mins

  MusicLive: Novation Launchpad Up Close
  Our first look at the Ableton Live controller

 | Flash Video 8:18 mins

  LIMS09: Novation Automap For iPhone
  Control your DAW and plugs

 | Flash Video 2:11 mins

  MESSE09: Novation's New Remote SL MKII
  Zero SL and New Automap rocks

 | Flash Video 11:6 mins

  WNAMM08:Novation's Nifty Nocturn Controller
  Intelligent plug-in control with Automap Universal

 | Flash Video 6:8 mins

  MusicLive07:Novation SL Compact
  It’s like the Remote SL, but compacter

 | Flash Video 3:41 mins

  MusicLive07: Novation NIO 2|4 USB IO
  2 in 4 out – multiple applications

 | Flash Video 2:57 mins

  MESSE07: Novation's New nio
  nio 2 | 4 mobile audio interface makes its debut

    MP4  | Flash Video 4:18 mins

  WNAMM07: MIDI Control Rendered Obsolete?
  Novation announce Automap Universal for SL Series

 | Flash Video 3:59 mins

  AES06SF: Saturday Videos Online
  A buncha fresh reports for you

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