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  Sonic LAB Preview: Modal Craft Synth 2
  Wavetable Synthesizer gets a makeover

    MP4 14:6 mins    

  Sonic LAB: UAD Century Tube Channel Strip
  Vintage sounds and vibes- Unison enabled

    MP4  | Flash Video 28:21 mins

  Sonic LAB: Roland AX Edge Keytar Review
  Strap it on and get busy

    MP4  | Flash Video 27:41 mins

  Sonic LAB: Modal Electronics SKULPT Review
  4 voice VA Synthesizer

    MP4  | Flash Video 20:14 mins

  Sonic LAB: Arturia Keylab MKII MIDI Controller
  DAW/CV Gate and Analog Lab too

    MP4  | Flash Video 19:45 mins

  Sonic LAB: Hexinverter Mutant Brain MIDI To CV, Gate and Trigger
  Highly configurable Eurorack module

    MP4  | Flash Video 14:0 mins

  Sonic Lab: Omnisphere 2.5 Hardware Synth Profiles
  We hook up a bunch of synths - now where's my cape?

    MP4  | Flash Video 25:20 mins

  Sonic LAB: Polyend - Dreadbox Medusa - Hybrid Synth Review
  The power of two

    MP4  | Flash Video 20:42 mins

  Sonic LAB: IK Multimedia Uno Synth Review
  Compact analogue mono synth

    MP4  | Flash Video 21:39 mins

  Sonic LAB: Build A Track With Just Ableton's Wavetable Synth
  Beats, bass and more with Simon Stokes

    MP4  | Flash Video 28:4 mins

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