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  WNAMM05: IK Multimedia Unveil Miroslav Philharmonik
  Legendary orchestral library snapped up by IK

  WNAMM05: Studiophonik Virtual Band
  Plug-in workstation puts the band in your control room

  WNAMM05: IK/Ampeg Alliance Can Only Mean More Bass
  First bass amp modeling plug-in recreates the legendary Ampeg range

  WNAMM05: Amplitube 2.0 Is Here
  Classic IK amp-sim notches up higher

  Sonik Synth 2 Ships
  IK’s massive synth collection out now – and a new website

   amped    SNAMM04:AmpliTube Live Coming To Windows
  Now Bill Gates can rock too.

  MESSE04: IK's Sonik Synth 2 Covers All Basses
  New plug-in features all the classics and more

  WNAMM04: IK Multimedia And Sonic Reality Get Close
  It's a sonic transatlantic love-in

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