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  WNAMM08: Recording In Hand
  Take a look at M-Audio's Microtrack II hand-held digital recorder

No flash plug

1:50 mins

  WNAMM08: 26 x 26 FireWire Audio Interface On Video
  M-Audio show off their new Profire 2626

 | Flash Video 3:0 mins

  WNAMM08: M-Audio Reveal The ProKeys Sonus
  New keyboard should be arriving later this year

 | Flash Video 4:38 mins

FEATURE:  SonicLAB: M-Audio Sputnik Space-age Valve Mic
Sing into this and tell me what you think... ?
FEATURE:  SonicLAB: M-Audio Xponent
Plenty for DJ fingers to do ?
FEATURE:  M-Audio Torq Conectiv Plus DJ= ?
It talks the Torq, does it walk the walk? ?
  Review: M-Audio NRV10 FireWire Mixer
  Sonic Labs - All in one and one for all?

    MP4  | Flash Video 14:28 mins

  SoundsExp07: Hey DJ - Check the Xponent
  Xponent component of Torq spotted in the UK

 | Flash Video 1:44 mins

  WNAMM07: M-Audio Round Up New Prods
  Join Amanda at the product wall

 | Flash Video 3:22 mins

Take over the stage and rock out - or something ?
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