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   amped    Orange Guitar Pack Starter Kit
  Is this the best beginners guitar?

    MP4 8:23 mins    

   amped    Review: Rotosound Fuzz Reissue
  Classic tones from yesteryear

    MP4  | Flash Video 11:0 mins

   amped    Review: Fender Vaporizer Amplifier - Pawn Shop Special
  The essence of the 50s garage rock era in a beautiful little combo package

    MP4  | Flash Video 16:36 mins

   amped    REVIEW: Korg Pandora Stomp Pedal
  So what REALLY happens when you open Pandora's box?

    MP4  | Flash Video 21:37 mins

   amped    REVIEW: Blackstar Core ID 20 Amp
  Programmable amp with ISF and USB audio

    MP4  | Flash Video 18:24 mins

   amped    Review: TC TonePrint Mini Pedals
  Flashback, Shaker, Corona and Vortex

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:38 mins

   amped    Review: Line 6 AMPLIFi 150
  Stereo and guitar lifestyle amp

    MP4  | Flash Video 13:58 mins

   amped    Review: MXR FET Driver Pedal
  Amp in a box with classic lead blues tone

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:8 mins

   amped    The Jim Dunlop EP101 Pedal Meets The Echoplex EP3 - With Portishead's Adrian Utley (Video)
  An A/B test between the new Echoplex pedal and the EP3 unit it's modelled on

    MP4  | Flash Video 18:52 mins

   amped    Review: Vox Night Train G2 15 Watt Head
  Classic Vox cleans and saturated high gain tube overdrive

    MP4  | Flash Video 18:25 mins

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