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  MESSE11: Waldorf Lector 100 Band Vocoder
  Very smooth vocoder plug-in

No flash plug

    MP4 13:54 mins

  WNAMM11: The Perfect Rhodes?
  Rhodes, CP80 & More From Waldorf Zarenbourg

    MP4  | Flash Video 4:24 mins

  MESSE10: Waldorf PPG V3
  Multi-samples and more

 | Flash Video 4:11 mins

  WNAMM09: Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard and Largo Vi
  60MB Sample ram? Yes Please

 | Flash Video 3:18 mins

  MESSE08: The Little Synth With An Evil Sound
  We get some video footage of Waldorf's Blofeld on its way to world domination...

 | Flash Video 6:37 mins

  WNAMM07: Two Brand New Waldorf Synths
  Stromberg and Blofeld aim for world domination

 | Flash Video 5:30 mins

  WNAMM07: Waldorf Launch Electric Piano
  Zarenbourg emulates five classic pianos and comes in a choice of colours

 | Flash Video 3:30 mins

  WNAMM03: Waldorf's Monster Analog Filter Bank (vid)
  16 Filters in one box

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