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  Sonic Lab: Novation Circuit - A New Kind Of Groovebox
  Gaz Williams takes a look

    MP4 27:57 mins    

  Sonic LAB: Novation Launchpad Pro Review
  New features and plenty of colour

    MP4  | Flash Video 21:10 mins

  DanceFair 2015:Novation Launchpad Pro -Plans for Open Firmware
  Chris Calcutt takes us through some extra features

    MP4  | Flash Video 7:17 mins

  DanceFair 2015: Novation Launchpad Pro
  Details on the MIDI functions and other nuggets

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:54 mins

  NAMM 2015: Novation Launchpad Pro
  Thavius Beck shows us

    MP4  | Flash Video 7:0 mins

  Sonic LAB: Novation LaunchControl, LaunchKey Mini
  We take a look at the new Launch models

    MP4  | Flash Video 11:0 mins

  Sonic LAB: Novation Bass Station II Review
  New Millenium Analogue Monosynth

    MP4  | Flash Video 18:50 mins

  BPM2013: Novation Launchpad Key and Control Mini Range
  First look at the new range

    MP4  | Flash Video 6:29 mins

  Feature: 21 Years Of Novation
  Happy anniversary

    MP4  | Flash Video 27:57 mins

  Novation Bass Station II - World Exclusive In Depth
  A closer look with product specialist

    MP4  | Flash Video 20:22 mins

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