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   amped    Amped Review: T-Rex Twister2 Chorus/Flanger
  Classy modu-stomp

No flash plug

    MP4 5:45 mins

   amped    Amped Review: Taylor T3 Semi Hollow Body Guitar
  Bridge the gap between solid and hollow

    MP4  | Flash Video 8:3 mins

   amped    Line 6 DT-50 - Tubes and DSP In Perfect Harmony?
  Bognor and Line 6 classic valves and top HD modelling

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:3 mins

   amped    Review: Roland Cube 40XL
  Little combo with models and more

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:27 mins

   amped    Review: Vox Series 33 Guitars
  SSC 33 and SDC 33 guitars

    MP4  | Flash Video 8:5 mins

   amped    Reviewed: Line 6 Pod HD500
  Guitar Amp and Stomp FX With Looper

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:35 mins

   amped    Amped Review: Jet City 2112RC Combo
  Soldano Designed all valve old-school

    MP4  | Flash Video 5:46 mins

   amped    Amped:Eventide PitchFactor Stomp
  Pitch effects for live and studio

    MP4  | Flash Video 6:52 mins

   amped    Review: Line 6 Relay G90 Wireless System
  Free yourself from the tyranny of wire

    MP4  | Flash Video 7:21 mins

   amped    Review: Peavey Vypyr Valve 60 Watt Combo
  DSP + Tubes = perfection?

    MP4  | Flash Video 7:28 mins

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