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  Sonic Lab: Steinberg AXR4-T High Resolution Audio Interface
  32 Bit 384kHz capable

30:57 mins    

  Sonic LAB: Ladies and Gents - The Moog ONE
  What do you want to see?

    MP4  | Flash Video 20:31 mins

  Sonic LAB: Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra With Ty Unwin
  Full orchestral library in one package

    MP4  | Flash Video 34:50 mins

  Sonic LAB: NYX2 Synthesizer - Dark and Ambient
  Desktop analogue from Dreadbox

    MP4 17:0 mins

  Sonic LAB: Hail Hydrasynth -Digital 8 Voice Poly
  Impressive machine, reasonable price

    MP4  | Flash Video 29:42 mins

  Sonic LAB: Novation Summit - 16 Voice Bi-Timbral Poly
  Two Peaks and some

    MP4  | Flash Video 23:58 mins

  Sonic LAB: Waves Abbey Road Studio 3
  Mix in the room on your headphones

    MP4  | Flash Video 20:27 mins

  Sonic LAB: Softube Monoment Bass Synth Plug-in
  Designed for the lower end

    MP4  | Flash Video 14:31 mins

  Sonic LAB: Bitwig Studio 3 Update - Presentation
  Yeah, that Grid...

    MP4  | Flash Video 28:43 mins

  Sonic LAB: Analogue Solutions Impulse Command
  Unusual desktop analogue instrument

    MP4  | Flash Video 26:42 mins

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