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  MESSE 2015: Kenton Electronics
  MIDI Thru, D-Sync and prototype to add swing

    MP4 4:10 mins    

  MESSE11: Kenton New Products
  Nifty USB-MIDI without computer

    MP4  | Flash Video 4:57 mins

  Sonic LAB: Kenton USB SOLO MIDI CV
  Control your analog gear without MIDI cables

    MP4  | Flash Video 7:28 mins

  LIMS09: Kenton Takes MIDI to Over 700 Meters
  MIDI over CAT5, USB Solo and intelligent merge

 | Flash Video 5:10 mins

  MESSE07: At Last! The Annual Superbooth Tour.
  Treasure this one, could be the last for a while...

  SoundExp07: Kenton Killamix-Mini Ships
  Compact controller simplicity itself

 | Flash Video 2:49 mins

  Sounds Expo06: Rare Kenton Prototype Controllers Filmed
  A little one, and a big one

  Kentons Wireless MIDI Now For US
  MidiStream UHF Wireless MIDI system passes the tests