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  Sonic LAB: Prophet X Hybrid Synth - Big Fat Review
  Samples plus synthesis from DSI

    MP4 38:57 mins    

  Sonic LAB Preview: Prophet X - Questions?
  A quick look before we start

    MP4  | Flash Video 9:52 mins

  Sonic LAB: Prophet REV 2 Polysynth Review
  We take a look at Dave Smith's latest synth

    MP4  | Flash Video 29:21 mins

  Sonic LAB: OB-6 Desktop Analog Poly Review
  6 voices of Oberheim goodness

    MP4 25:12 mins

  Superbooth 2016: Dave Smith Instruments Feedback Module
  Prototype alert, Karplus Strong in the house

    MP4  | Flash Video 14:49 mins

  NAMM 2015: Dave Smith and Sequential Prophet 6
  So a true analog poly is possible..

    MP4 9:12 mins

  Sonic LAB: DSM01 Curtis Filter Eurorack Module
  Dave Smith Instruments first module

    MP4  | Flash Video 12:13 mins

  NAMM 2014:Dave Smith and the Prophet 12 Desktop
  We talk

    MP4  | Flash Video 7:11 mins

  WNAMM13: Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 - Video
  12 voices, four oscillatore per voice - massive.

    MP4  | Flash Video 9:15 mins

  Sonic LAB: Review Tempest Analog Drum Machine
  Can Dave Smith and Roger Linn cook up a storm

    MP4  | Flash Video 12:30 mins

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