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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Jane taylor a professional user from Quebec Canada writes:
Synth histories most underatted classic, I have owned the SY77 for 14 years and love it more than any synth I have heard since. Extremely powerful and beautiful sounds can be pulled from the 77.

I have done compositions and had people ask me what vintage analogue synths I used for strings and especially bass. The 77 is magical, the only let down is the drums. But I use an Akai MPC1000 and a Yamaha RX5 for them. I really recommend the 77 to anyone who wants a great, great synth at a bargain price second hand. It has an excellent 16 track sequencer onboard too for putting your compositions together. Don't confuse this with the DX7 which gets too much credit for its timing more than its capabilities. The 77 sounds 10 times better. Check it out.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-25-2005 at 00:59
Barry Smith a professional user from London UK writes:
Quite simply the greatest synth to EVER come out of the Yamaha stable and one of the ALLTIME TOP 10. Forget about the modern ones like the motif and tritons. They have more memory, and that is it! This synth will blow them ALL out of the water for SONIC power. I still can't believe the sounds I can get out of this baby. Amazing BASS, PADS, Brass, ORGANS, pianos, *ANALOGUE* oh yes. This GEM does it all. And alround nothing touches it. IF, you can get your hands on this incredible synth in EXCELLENT condition (I stress that because of its age 1990) Grab it. I am telling you, they haven't passed this one yet.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-07-2005 at 09:01
Tom shaney a professional user from Manchester England writes:
I have worked in Music for many years and have used all the great synths from the MiniMoog to the Korg Le Triton. The Yamaha SY77 despite all its disk-drive shortcomings is the BEST I have ever played. There is no synth that can produce the array of stunning sounds this baby can. You want floor shaking bass, you got it. Dreamy pads & strings. Crisp electric pianos & harpsichords and clavinets. And the most analogue sounding sweeps any digital synth have ever made. Even the drum section is better than most people give it credit for. If you take the best sounds from that section and put them on a dedicated machine with a few more features Such as decay and cut-off with the same tuning capability, you would have on one the best Drum machines EVER. Snare drum 3 and Bass Drum 3 are great. As are the Angel-perc (tune this down to -16 and spread it across 6 keys from loud to quite and you have a wonderful explosive effect when programmed in the step sequencer at four on the floor pace) and the tambourine, shaker and hi-hats AND THE TOMS ARE FANTASTIC. Try tuning them and spreading ten of them across the keys, wonderful. By now you'll realize I am a real fan of this underatted classic. Forget spending 2 grand fro a modern overatted synth. For 200 pounds you will get one that is easily as good and expressive.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-10-2005 at 14:34
antho a professional user from Australia writes:
The Floppy drive on moi SY77 has just died aswell! I only got it for Xmas at the turn of the year too (2004-2005 :)

So I guess they are getting on a bit, but who needs a floppy? (well it would be handy) and who needs a backlit screen? (I guess it too would be handy).

But The sound is all there, along with the UI which I don't need to grasp too much due to PC editor (SY manager & soon to be 'midiquest' ). Luckily operators and algorithms make sense to me, but then, engineering is my bent along with music & creative fun. The thing is with the interface is it really doesn't allow easy editing of even basic elements that are often used in todays music like filter and envelopes etc.. its a number of button pushes/submenus to do so! (and I'm writing this in case other potential SY owners needed a board which provides maximum tweakability where no software is available...the SY doesn't walk this path! but of course it has so many other strengths).

I was surprised to find SY with aftertouch! At the very least, I got a very nice controller for Xmas with aftertouch :) that I was well happy about. But under that cryptic SY hood lies the early wonders of FM mingled with experimentatal AWM elements. Which sounds, at its worst, terrible! But at its OKest, and betterest, and best, it sounds awesome! It it diverse and shocks me with the range of shit 2 brilliant sounds. Enough has probably already been said here...

I guess once again the only caution is the the age of these guys and inevitable breakdown of digital & electronic components. It may only be cosmetic anyway. Mine was original owner and luckily in excellent condition apart from the floppy disk drive & backlit screen which I consider unessential things. I only hope she holds for years to come :)

Im obviously spoiled by invincible soft-synths & DSP cards where the synths never really have these issues.. (more the DAW's that house them -ed)

I'm giving it a FOUR & A HALF due to the fact that for the time and even for now the idea of its synthesis engine was/is brilliant and well executed. BUT the UI could've seriously done with some more accesibility HOWEVER that was the trend of the time (unfortunately for many!) SO is easily forgiven...

4.5 Outta 5 ... pros: Good sound, smooth k'board with vel & aftertouch (makes good basic controller), solid build that seems to last, tho some innessential functions seem prone to 'obsolessence' at perhaps the current time, DAW editors available for SY series like 'midiquest' & SY manager, which make editing easier.

Cons: see above re: functions breaking down, some sounds in there are really quite bad and may steer some prospectives away. All I can say is too bad, if you get steered off by that, you didn't dig deep enough! :)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-07-2005 at 08:27
MarioLeo a hobbyist user from Belgium writes:
I bought it 16 years ago and I'm still impressed by the quality of sounds. At that, keyboard is robust and the machine as a whole too. No button, no key,no wheel,... nothing did fail in all these years, except the floppy driver who broke last month... Of course, as most of the people wrote here, the standard sounds are classic. And it is really difficult of use when modifying sounds. Don't count on the manual, synthesis is as good explained as the theory of relativity in Einstein's books : you think you have understood something, nothing else?

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-06-2005 at 08:19
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