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Juan Gabriel Hernandez a professional user from United States of America writes:
The Yamaha SW1000XG is a true Synthesizer that uses AWM2 sound architecture. This unit can be used as an internal or an external tone generator.

When used as an all in one device (Digital Audio Workstation) we are required to use the XG Works 2.0 application to fully utilize the internal synthesizer for sound designing.

Sequences worked on the “Note Pane� are basic and editing can be done. For advanced sequencing use an external sequencer and the Yamaha SW1000XG as a stand alone tone generator.

When I first played the sounds they were not impressive. As I became familiar with the sound shaping architecture the SW1000XG started to sound exactly like the Yamaha Motif and the Yamaha QY100! The effects add incredible nuances to the AWM2 sounds. Believe me! It does.

My advice is to learn the “XG Works 2.0� application to create MIDI compositions and to use the “XG Editor Window� for sound sculpting.

The bottom line…

The Yamaha SW1000XG is an incredible true AWM2 synthesizer on a PCI sound card! In order to fully utilize this “PCI Synthesizer Card� I use a Windows 98SE computer and I am force to use the XG Works 2.0 application to get the most of it (yes… I did use XG Editor Software applications too but XG Works 2.0 to me is basic enough).

The work structure of creating sequences is primitive but possible once you learn the unit and all its capabilities. Buy one if you want to back track in technology, sequencing and audio processing.

Personally I love this card but would rather purchase a Yamaha Motif Rack as an external tone generator.


Hidden Pathâ„¢ LLC

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Apr-08-2010 at 18:39
Lodewijk a professional user from holland writes:
I bought the card back in 1998 (price 1200 guldens). It was and still is then an Impressing set of 1300 + sounds and effects. When I compare the sounds in other gear,this card is still a winner.

The best of all in times of CPU-consuming VST that this little baby eats none CPU !. The sounds sit very comfortable in the mix.

Be shure you get an XGedit editor along with the card to beef up the sounds. It runs on every platform from windows 95 to XP and Mac's. Latency is app. 5 ms.

This card and a bunch of VST's and you are in professional business for a couple of hundred bucks.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-05-2006 at 01:32
faethor a part-time user from USA writes:
I have owned this card for 5 months now, along with a DSP Factory mixing card, and the PLG_AN add on.

I have to say this setup is amazing, and continues to impress me. Even better, yamaha's support for the card on is incredible. Those guys keep improving the drivers, and now I can run DXI and VST instruments from 5.8ms (win2000) to 11.8ms (winme) latency. The website says 12ms to 30, but those are safe bets, my numbers as you can see are much lower. :)

There is alot of user created add ons for this card, and that makes new items available. This card has a community behind it, that loves it, and helps each other. When you buy this card, you belong to a elite group. It makes this a even better buy..

When used alone this is a killer card, when used with a DSP factory, it's incredible.

The effects on the SW1000xg are good, but the effects and control on the DSP factory are great. It makes it sing. When you add in the multiple XGeditors out there, my personal fav is XGedit, it really increases its value.

The PLG_an sounds great but in my opinio, kind of a pain to work with. But it sounds fantastic...

With the latest drivers soft synths have low latency and they sound great through the card...

You cannot go wrong with this card, and you should get a DSP factory to go with it. There are multiple add on cards you can get, and it seems like it just keeps improving over time..

I love all the orchestral sounds and pads, the drums sound great, and with soft synths, you can continue to add to its value. Any soft synth can be run into the Sw1000xg's output to the dsp factory and use its effects. Check out Vsampler, with it, and these two cards and a add on card, you have a killer setup for pretty cheap..

Highly recommended.

You would have to pry it from my dead hands..

posted Thursday-Aug-09-2001 at 14:15
Ryan Avery a part-time user from Colorado, USA writes:
I agree with Josh in that the sounds are a bit dull, but that's easily fixable with some EQing. All you need to do is modify the global EQ settings to get more high-end, and modify individual samples as needed.

Overall, however, this card can't be beat for a sound module. Of course it isn't a sampler, nor is it a synthesizer, but look elsewhere if that's what you need. With 1000+ patches, you will always find something new. I've been using this card for 3 years (and made 2 CDs and various singles using this card as the majority of my setup), and I've never felt limited by it when used properly as a sound module.

Of course the drums are a bit thin compared to a sampler (can be corrected some using the on-board compressor and EQing), and the pads aren't as dynamic as a real synthesizer, but that's comparing apples to oranges. This thing fulfills its role perfectly.

Want some examples? All of my songs at are produced for the most part with the Yamaha SW1000XG (except for the drums, various effects, the solo violin, and the vocals).

Combine the SW1000XG with the DS2416, and you've got an absolutely killer budget system.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-10-2001 at 00:41
Sione Ragle a hobbyist user from San Jose, CA USA writes:
This card is awsome for recording MIDI Files to MP3, burn the CD and listen to where ever you go! I use the Coax Digital out in to my Sony DTS reciver it sounds awsome! nice and clear, my MU128 doesnt sound as clear becuase it doesnt have Coax digital outputs. :( but the SW1000XG is great for pro recording for midi to CD or DAT.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-05-2001 at 01:24
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