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Average rating: 3.7 out of 5
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Thomas Nichols a professional user from USA writes:
I love the PSR-SQ16 but I have decided to sell mine due to lack of studio space and budget constraints. Any one interested should check it out on EBAY. Thank you Thomas

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-08-2007 at 19:22
peteretep a hobbyist user from Slovenia writes:
Here is my very late PSR-SQ16 response. I have read all previous comments. I am satisfied with this keyboard more than unsatisfied. Great sequencer, more and less good sounds. Someone comment programming in GM as nightmare. Really it is so. I am an old man hobby-ist so I did'n loss a lot of energy on GM programming. I have a nice collection of music in original PSRSQ16 standard (1). As I am informed this files are not usable on new modern keaboards and I would like to exchange this PSRSQ16 midi files (NOT GM)with someone to give you a piece of my original repertoire and to get some nice music from you. I am planning to take new keyboard and I am in discover phase of my future investment. In this moment my favorite is PSR-3000, but this is not my final decision. I know that there are best keyboards too but one of criteria is money and a price of PSR-3000 (1400 to 1500 € is my upper limit). My e-mail is

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-14-2006 at 02:30
arne from germany writes:
i got one for christmas in 93' (?). thanks to that built-in-sequencer, i was able to teach myself composing and arranging. i was 12 years old then. i propably made over 500 songs, all saved on disc. i spent half my youth standin in front of this keyboard :) the psr-sq16 is still standing somewhere at my parents house, today i am working with audio software. well i have to give a "5", who cares anyway, for 99,99% , it's just an unimportant keyboard with sounds and looks from the beginning of the nineties

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-26-2006 at 18:37
Kai Nikulainen a professional user from Finland writes:

YAMAHA PSR-SQ16 has spent with me almost 10 years, and still it is one of the best adquisitions i've ever had. Although most modern synthesizers can obviously produce more advanced synthesis, the 15 DSP effects including reverbs, gates, delays and distortion, and the 80 Note Processing effects makes great use of it!

The MIDI functions are just great, plus it has a 16 channel sequencer, around 200 sounds and very good accompainment, you can program them too.

Too bad the keyboard was discontinued, new yamahas are excellent but they don't have the sequencer sq16 had, unless not for the same price...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-15-2005 at 03:50
Charley Timmons a professional user from USA writes:
I usually don't add to the forums, but I wanted to tell the dumb-ass in Isreal that the eme-213YV is a different drive. The power supply is on the same ribbon and is unavaliable. Also, if you are not careful, the connector will break when attempting to remove the ribbon. It is evident that he has never opened the back and inspected the SQR-16

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-16-2005 at 10:01
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