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Scott a hobbyist user from SLO writes:
The going rate for a Yamaha DX-1 now days is $9,5000.oo to $12,000.00. @ sold on Ebay last year for $10,500.00 not including the shipping price. Since only 140 of them exist the market to find one is nearly impossible and expect to play the going rate. Dealing with trying to find one several owners I have spoke with will not part with them and seeing one you'll know why. I have seen the value of DX-1's in 2001 from $3500.00 go to nearly $12,000.00 now and some people could not wait to seek one cheaper and paid the what they are worth to an owner. Considering its programming features like no other DX serious, wood, size and beauty that is worth the page tag. Anyway paying $12,000.00 mint seems high for some and reasoble for others its ends a long hard search to find one especially a mint one.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-03-2011 at 14:03
manrico mosti a part-time user from england writes:
yamaha gx 300

posted Thursday-Dec-18-2003 at 15:14
manrico mosti a part-time user from england writes:
I would like to by yamaha gx 300 please let me know your prices thank you

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-24-2003 at 08:16
Deane Coleman a part-time user from Australia writes:
Well your gonna hate me because about two years ago, a friend of mine brought a DX1 to work and I asked what he was going to do with it - he said he was trying to get rid of it and was thinking of giving it to our work music musuem. I said hey I would love to have it and he said sure. How much do you think I paid? yup nil. We both had no idea what this thing is worth (and for his sake I'm not gonna tell him) and now that I know, I am going to stop using it to snort lines of speed on, I will also remove the pot plants sitting on it. Hey does anyone want to buy this thing from me?

posted Wednesday-Jul-16-2003 at 03:16
Steve Wade a professional user from USA writes:
Back in Dec. 92' I went to my local music shop to sell my 12 string so I could buy X-mass presents that year. Times were lean then but I couldn't swallow the price they gave for the 12er so I kept it. While I was there I saw the motherload of ALL Synths; the ever incredible Yamaha DX-1. Wow!!!!! If you ever get a chance to see one turned on... what a cockpit. Anyhoo, I fell in love and it's then $1,000 price tag may as well have been $10,900. Just before Chrictmass i closed my first Leasr deal ( I design Laser lighting systems ) so X-mass was OK. After the first of the year I went back and it was still there. The dealer told me that he had sold it to a guy in Germany untill he found out that ti would cost more to ship it than he was paying for it so, NO sale. Then he said the 2 most beautiful words I have ever heard.... LAY AWAY with only 10% down. I did it and wvery week I'd go in and pay a little and on head phones PLAY a little until that glorious day i went to pick it up. Dude, you want the ATA case with it??? he asked. NO I can't afford it. He told me to take it with me and pay him the $300 later on time. It was a $1,000 Anvil case !!! So thats my DX! story , so for $1,300 I own the most well constructed and beautiful synth to date (with the exception of a Yamaha GX-1 but there are only 12 of those) Bessie, thats what I call her is my favorite posession which makes my 1 Watt Krypton jealous !!!!! Five Stars nad i even like the colour... Brazillian rosewood.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-11-2002 at 01:34
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